Microsoft Band 2 tears it up with new tougher strap

Redmond quietly beefs up the durability of its rubber
Microsoft Band 2 strap tear troubles
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There's been a raft of complaints about the Microsoft Band 2's rubber band tearing or splitting, but it seems as if the tech giant has improved the durability without making a fuss about it.

According to Windows Supersite, new batches of Band 2 trackers come with better, thicker materials.

The report purports that employees dealing with the exchange of torn bands "have mentioned that there's a special lot number that has been fortified with either new or thicker material."

Secret sauce indeed.

While this story is definitely one we'd consider minor, we thought it best to bring it to you dear readers, as we've received a bunch of emails and comments about wear and tear on Band 2 straps.

So, if you're in that boat and you need a replacement, make sure you ask about the new toughened version - apparently from lot 16.

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Microsoft is slowly but surely making the Band 2 a better and better choice. The latest Microsoft Health update lets Android users use Cortana, its virtual assistant, with the second-gen tracker.

Microsoft officially lifted the lid on the new Microsoft Band 2 fitness trackerat its Windows 10 Devices event back in October 2015. The Band 2 boasts an updated design, curved AMOLED screen and additional sporty features.

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  • GoZippy·

    Mine began to crack at about a year of ownership with 3 days a week use... They refused to help. It finally split in full, hanging on by the internal electronics run or something... I called ms today hoping they'd accept design flaw and manufacturing defect but they refused and tell me no way to repair. I can't even pay them to replace! Total waste of money. I actually like this device. It's perfect amount of tech but design flaws cut short any reasonable length of use. I have old computers that still work. Heck my original Nintendo fired right up. I have been a long time ms supporter, decades now!, but when they made this hardware they seriously used poorly designed material and attachment to the electronic housing. I realize its expensive to do product recall, but this should have been recalled. MS, I'm losing faith... My apple products when failed were at least replaced or allowed to be factory tech repaired... MS said today they have units to provide if bought under warranty still, but not willing to swap defective ones out or repair even if I paid. If more people bought this then they'd be forced to own the defect and do a recall. As it stands, they're hiding and doing nothing hoping no one sues them due to costs of individual suits outweighed by relative small cost of individual devices. Most people just throw it away and never buy from companies that don't stand behind their stuff...