BioRing want to be your personal fitness and nutrition coach

Smart ring claims to measure calorie and protein intake and a whole lot more

Food tracking among other things, remains a major stumbling block for fitness trackers, so our eyes always light up when a company believes it's cracked it. The latest contender making that bold claim to go big on monitoring your diet is the BioRing smart ring.

Currently in the working prototype phase, the waterproof device packs in a 3-axis accelerometer, bio-impedance sensor and optical heart rate sensor to capture data from your finger. When the data is synced to the companion app, it's combined with a proprietary algorithm that claims to provide an impressive wealth of metrics.

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These include some fitness basics like distance, steps, sleep and heart rate. Where BioRing believes it differs from the likes of Fitbit and Jawbone is in its ability to monitor calorie intake as opposed to calorie burn, which its creators believes is the more useful data to know when you're trying to lose weight.

That's achieved largely because of the inclusion of the bio-impedance sensor, which can measure fluid changes in your cells and is apparently key to unlocking the measurement of glucose levels and water intake. Combined with the BioRing's algorithm, it can provide a macro-nutrient breakdown of your food.

On top of that it will deliver details on fat intake, protein intake and stress levels. But that's not all. It's also monitor activity intensity and water levels to let you know when you need to be more hydrated.

Data is wirelessly synced to the companion app (iOS and Android), where you'll get personalised and actionable recommendations. There'll also be notification support sending a buzz to the ring when a someone tries to get in touch.

Now that all sounds pretty impressive but there's definitely some aspects we'd want to know more about. We don't know don't have any details about battery life despite the fact we know it will take super thin form and can be charged via USB. A look at the picture captions on its Indiegogo campaign page claim that the ring in the picture represents a 'vision of the product' and could change if or when it goes into production. Smart rings that we've seen in the past have ended up being a fair bit chunkier up close.

If you're convinced about what BioRing says it can deliver, then direct your attention to its Indiegogo campaign that's aiming to raise $50,000. It's already more than halfway towards that target. A minimum $189 pledge will get you one with shipping expected in November 2016.

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  • dane998·

    Wow that is really cool!

  • maslacak·

    If you are interested in buying this smart ring, I have some snake oil to sell you.

    • dane998·

      I've bought the double pack. I had a similar device but it was very bulky. This one looks so small

    • yogibimbi·

      snake oil? Move on over, I have ground unicorn horns!

    • Reputationist·

      I used the Gobe - it was large and awkward and also the service was terrible - so the technology I have some confidence - but the key will be their service performance - especially they will not be doing any firmware updates. Here's to our success!   

  • tsamuel·

    This is obvious scam. This is product claims things which are not yet technically possible and will not be in near future. Yes, I am in similar business and know very well the limits.

  • redderhead·

    It looks like a great idea on the surface, but I don't think its much more than that. I would be very happy to be proved wrong, but the project team refuses to provide any undeniable proof and has lost their credibility long ago based off lack of information on the project. 

  • baroness-m·

    the "bioring team" are now deleting comments and questions with any negative connotations on the Indiegogo site, they refuse to answer question re the FB bioring is a scam page, indiegogo trust and safety are now reviewing this scampaign, people are still unbelievably so buying this fantasy

  • baroness-m·

    if you haven't figured it out yet this is a very well planned scam, the PR company who put out this story blew the whistle on them when BioRing didn't pay them. The indigogo campaign is closed no answers to comments or questions from BioRing in almost two weeks.  Looks like they cut and ran. If you backed this thing call your bank or credit card company NOW but it maybe too late