Fitbit updates Surge and Charge HR with automatic exercise detection

SmartTrack feature knows when you workout and what you are doing
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Fitbit has released a firmware update for its Surge and Charge HR line of fitness trackers with a convenient new feature that automatically detects when you are starting a workout. No need to push any buttons or access the menu screen on the app.

The new feature, SmartTrack, will recognise activities where there is continuous movement, like walking, running, cycling, and more.

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You can customise your exercise settings by selecting which activities you want SmartTrack to identify, and change the length of the workout you want to complete, too. This will tell the fitness tracker which activities to assign to your goals and which to ignore. For example, it will track your early morning jog, but ignore the times you have to run to the office on the other end of the building to deliver important paperwork.

Another important firmware update for the Surge and Charge HR improves heart rate tracking of PurePulse. While in Exercise Mode, the heart rate tracker will gather deeper data for certain high-intensity workouts.

Additionally, the Fitbit app has been updated to allow users to set weekly exercise goals based on the number of days the person wants to workout. You'll see a visual graphic of how far along you are to achieving your goal.

The updates are rolling out now - although there's a slight delay on the new goals feature hitting the Android app.

Fitbit updates Surge and Charge HR with automatic exercise detection

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