Basis Peak teething problems bite but notifications finally on the way

Connectivity issues persist but notifications finally on the way
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The Basis Peak was released to a fanfare of expectation back in October but, three months on, the device has become beset by syncing issues and frustration over the lack of notification features.

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The good news for Basis buyers is that the notification features are on the way. A spokesperson for Basis confirmed to Wareable that the smartwatch-style functionality, which enables users to get messages from their smartphone on their fitness watch, will be available to consumers by the end of January. Nearly two months later than advertised.

In addition, a post on the Basis support forum by Alexa Ahrens, a customer support representative at the company, revealed: “[the development team] are wrapping up the extended beta testing and plan on launching notifications by the end of the month."

Negative reviews

However, digging deeper into the reviews and feedback on the Basis forum reveals problems with the Peak's syncing abilities, an experience we've encountered during our own review process.

Here at Wareable we've been testing the Basis Peak for over a month, waiting for the notification features to arrive before publishing the review. After two weeks, the Peak stopped syncing with our iPhone 6, forcing us to contact the support team for a resolution.

The experience doesn't appear to be an isolated incident. Nearly half of Amazon's reviews for the Basis Peak are one or two stars, and a huge proportion of those negative comments complain of syncing problems with the device.

It's a real shame because our testing of the Basis Peak has proved it to be a supremely accurate heart rate monitor and an effective activity tracker, proving Intel's claims regarding the superior science used in the device.

However, until its full features arrive and syncing issues are solved, it's going to be a long road for Basis to win back lost trust among its consumers.

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