How to sync your Fitbit – plus fix data transfer problems

Get the Versa, Ionic, Charge or Inspire playing nice with your phone again

Whether you've got a Versa, Charge 3, Inspire or Ionic, it's likely you'll come across issues with your Fitbit not syncing from time to time.

Syncing a Fitbit device to your phone or computer means that any data being stored on the device is transferred over to the Fitbit app. From there, you're able to go more in-depth and also check back on historic data.

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But what can you do if your device won't sync? Well, below we'll be guiding you through how to sync your Fitbit, and offering some tips to kickstart it into action if it's not playing nice with your phone, tablet or computer.

How to sync your Fitbit

how to sync your fitbit

Syncing with your Fitbit should actually be very straightforward, which is why it can be so frustrating when your data doesn't seem to be transferring.

Once your Fitbit is set up and connected to your phone, it should have a consistent Bluetooth connection to it and therefore be ready to link up whenever you open the Fitbit app. If you have the app running in the background, you can also turn on All-Day Sync (tap on the device icon and scroll down to the All-Day Sync tab), which will mean this is done automatically throughout the day.

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How to manually sync your Fitbit with the app

If you don't, and you instead prefer to allow manual syncing, the stats in your phone will only update once you enter the app. How do you manually sync, you ask? Simply swipe down from the Fitbit app's home screen and release to begin the process. You should then see the turquoise line worm its way from left to right just above the main tracking panel.

How to sync your Fitbit with your PC

You don't need a smartphone to sync you Fitbit data, which will be music to the ears of people without shiny new phablets. If you have a feature phone, or just don't want that Bluetooth connection, you can sync your Fitbit straight to a PC. We're going to assume your Fitbit has been registered and set up properly - but there's a catch: to use Fitbit Connect you need the Fitbit Sync dongle.

1. Download Fitbit connect
2. Make sure you're signed in with your account credentials
3. Connect your Fitbit Sync dongle
4. It should sync automatically, or you can press sync to do it manually
5. Log into the Fitbit Dashboard at

What if your Fitbit's not syncing?

how to sync your fitbit

It should be as simple as following the above, but experience tells us that it's fairly likely you'll come across some kind of issue with Fitbit syncing from time to time.

Some of the minor hiccups resolve themselves, while others require a bit of digging around. Be aware that these troubleshooting tips do vary slightly depending on the connected device, but whether your Fitbit is linked to an Android smartphone, iPhone or tablet shouldn't make too much difference.

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As Fitbit itself indicates, problems with syncing are usually because you're not filling a requirement. Here's a checklist of the very basic things to double check if your Fitbit won't sync.

  • Obviously, check the Fitbit app is compatible with your device here, and that it's running the latest version (if on iPhone or Android, check for this through the App Store or Google Play Store)
  • Your connected device is running the latest software
  • Your connected device has a cellular data or Wi-Fi connection
  • Your connected device's Bluetooth is on, and that you aren't connected to multiple things (Fitbit does note that some issues are related to conflicting Bluetooth connections)
  • Your Fitbit device's battery isn't low
  • Your Fitbit device's software is up to date

This list should be your starting point for if you're experiencing consistent issues with syncing, but if all these are ticked, it's time to start troubleshooting with the tips below.

  • Perform a hard reset of the Fitbit app
  • Turn Bluetooth off/on
  • Turn your Fitbit off/on
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Fitbit app
  • Try logging into your Fitbit account on another device
  • Remove other Fitbit devices from app and Bluetooth list

If none of the above work for you, also consider giving your Fitbit a factory reset and completely restarting its setup process. This will result in any un-synced data being lost, but it could be the ticket to a world without syncing problems.


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  • rogsim·

    For Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and later Location and Bluetooth both need to be enabled for successful syncing. This is a Google issue and it's kind of annoying. If you're worried about battery life on your phone you don't need to have these on all day (unless you want to do the all-day syncing), just turn them on the moments you actually want to sync.