​New Fitbit Charge HR update could cause battery life slump

Fitbit comments on customer's complaints after firmware update

Fitbit is investigating reports that a recent firmware update could be the cause of Fitbit Charge HR battery life issues.

Wareable has been inundated with complaints from readers that a recent update to the Fitbit Charge fitness trackers has decimated battery life. What's more, users have also taken to the Fitbit support forum in their droves (login required) to complain about the issue.

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Readers have complained that since they upgraded their firmware, battery life Charge HR has plummeted from around five days of charge to little over a single day – and less in many cases.

We contacted Fitbit about the claims, and the company gave Wareable this response:

"We regularly work with users within our Customer Service forums to ensure their satisfaction. We are aware of limited reports of battery life challenges on Fitbit Charge and Fitbit Charge HR."

"In late June, Fitbit rolled out a new Quick View feature on Fitbit Charge HR that allows users to view the time on their device with just a flick of the wrist. We do not expect this new feature to impact the up to five days battery life of the activity tracker. However, users are able to turn off the new feature within the device settings on the Fitbit mobile app or on their Fitbit.com dashboard," the statement continued.

"Additional information about the latest updates to Charge HR can be found at here," the statement concluded.

At least this advice gives affected customers some kind of work around.

It's not the first time Fitbit has faced the criticism of users, and its now infamous rash issue is still affecting customers, without any sign of a credible resolution.

What do you think?

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  • coreyrh·

    Thank you for highlighting this, hopefully FitBit will begin to see that the impact is greater than they thought.  I believe that many users have

    1. Noticed but the impact isn't great enough that they are asking for support.
    2. They have not yet noticed (perhaps because they charge every night).
    3. not upgraded,

    In addition to the battery issue, version 84 introduced a number of other "features" and bugs In the case of bugs fitbit is putting the responsibility of troubleshooting on the users (even though everyone has commented the problems didn't exist until immediately after the update).

    In the case of features, FitBit tech support has this to say to their customers: 


    Apparently, the only thing we can do is to embrace changes on the new update as most customers asked for it. As much as we would love to put your Charge HR back into its old version, we can no longer do that as you have successfully updated it. Rest assured that every update that we are doing to our Fitbit trackers could make it more reliable in a sense of tracking customer's data more accurately.


    Chelcee F and the Fitbit Team"

    One has only to look at the support forum to see the list of bugs, and the concerns about the new features

    • codabat·

      I can say that after the recent update the battery life is less than two days. Before the upgrade with the same use was about 4 days. I hope there are no urgent measures on the firmware.


      Lorenzo Vannucci

    • codabat·

      I apologize to my report on the problems of battery life refers to the firmware the Fitbit Surge.

      thanks a lot

      Lorenzo Vannucci

  • MaxM83·

    Hello there,

    I use the new "authomatic hour" functionality and the battery duration is still 4-5 days.

  • Cathykicks13·

    I've had my Fitbit since April. I love it so much that I've talked several friends into getting one too. I just updated to Firmware version 18.64 yesterday. My Fitbit Charge HR died TWICE in 1 day! It doesn't sync all day. I need help with this!

  • Surce·

    Don't purchase that product it's crap, switching to an Apple Watch real quick, battery died after 6 months of use without water damage. Plus I don't have warranty because purchased it from an "unauthorized seller" smfh...

  • DragonAH64·

    I'm experiencing this problem , sometimes it doesn't charge at all.

    When it does charge..( with all the add-on disabled, including hr monitor) it still dies in a day!.

    Conclusion; not good.

  • CherryEyed·

    Well I'm completely the opposite from the comments posted above...A full charge when I got it, and leaving it on the charge when I shower every second day or so is more then enough .. Haven't had to fully charge it since. Thats with leaving everything on, quick view on and using silent alarms every second or third day (shift worker). 

  • graham·

    New fit bit hr two months old. No change in software or firmware and it's just died completely and won't take a charge. Suppose it's a money back issue. Graham

  • Ryan57ford·

    For people having issues, all you need to do is go onto Fitbits support page and chat with a online rep,

    I have had a Charge HR since January, and once when the shell came apart and now again yesterday when the battery started dying quickly I got on and they were able to confirm the issues and without bother have sent me 2 new devices. (they don't even ask for the old one back) so I have another brand new one, and two backups essentially (with issues) at this point.  

    Not a perfect product, but they seem to stand behind it.

  • MichelePolo·

    After the recent update the battery life is less than two days. 

    Before the upgrade with even more intense use was about 4 days. Is that related with the firmware update? Can I rollback to the previous version.


    Michele Polo

  • sunny·

    i have the 102 version update for the charge hr and now have the battery problem. i have had the fitbit for 10 months and was happy until the latest update. pls fix asap

  • gc1977·

    Brand new device and the battery has never lasted more than 2 days in its first 2 weeks. Would have thought if they knew there was an issue that the most recent versions would be back close to 5 days like they claim.

  • ColeECole·

    My fit bit flex stopped working after the new update it will not hold a charge most days. If it does actually charge then it shuts off and completely doesn't work once I put it on my arm. I tried cleaning it, reset it several times. I called customer service earlier today and they were totally NOT helpful. The rep didn't even try to give any trouble shooting tips. I was told I had to purchase a new Fitbit, and I could possible get a 25% discount. I feel like this is Totally unacceptable because this was due to no fault of my own. I purchased a $100 device just to be told there was nothing that could be done. I got a 6-8 month time span before this thing crashed. Purchasing a new device give me only 6-8 months before it crashes again, so a 25% discount is very insignificant. The customer service was the worst I had ever experienced in life. This is very unsettling because I loved my device and became upset when it stopped working. I workout a lot and enjoyed having this product. I just don't want to have to repurchase every time there is an update. 

  • Tej·

    Recently bought Fitbit HR in Dec 2015. I am getting battery life of about 2 days before recharging is needed. Nowhere close to 5 days advertised by Fitbit.

  • Sandilands·

    The alarm , quick view and call notification are such handy features :(

    I actually use my phone less.


    Charge HR bought in june 2015, battery life was almost 5 days long, all options available. Now, after the update, without any options, battery life drops to less than a day (18 h.) No answer from Fitbit support, no mean to be in touch, no copy of email when post a mai on their support. What is going on FitBit ? Your product was so cool and useful... Hope next update will fix this issue ! 

  • spencergoldade·

    What's a "Wareable"? Did you mean "Wearable"?

    My Charge HR's battery life is absolutely terrible. I don't care what features a smart watch, fitness tracker, or other wearable has, it must not impede other areas of the user's life. When my Charge HR dies suddenly in the middle of the day it's ridiculous. So tired of charging devices after such a short amount of time. Can't these things harness the kinetic energy from walking like other watches do? Or solar energy? Or just get better batteries that hold a charge?