Best Fitbit Inspire, Inspire 2 and Inspire HR bands: Leather, metal and sport options

Discover the top Inspire bands to add to your collection
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The Fitbit Inspire family has grown with the arrival of the Inspire 2. It joins the Inspire and Inspire HR as fitness tracker options to consider if you don't want to spend more than .

One of the most appealing aspects of the Inspire is that you can easily swap in and out the bands to change up the look.

Being able to customise your fitness tracker is a hugely under-rated feature. The black silicone band you get as standard really drags down the look – and adding a new band makes a huge difference

What's more, when those bands are available at around a pop, there's no reason why you can't have two or three, and start matching to your occasion.

The quick-release catch on the Inspire HR and Inspire 2 means you can quickly and easily be able to switch them out - great for when you want to exercise with a sporty accessory but smarten things up for drinks in the evening.

With our list of Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR bands below, you won't need to compromise your tracking experience for your look.

Here are the top options available to buy right now - all will work with all three Inspire models.

How to change the band on the Fitbit Inspire

1. Turn the Fitbit Inspire onto its front and locate the band latches – there'll be one on each end for you to unclip.
2. To release, push down on the flat button on the strap on both sides, before fully releasing it from the case.

3. Snap on the new strap until you hear a click. That ensures it's securely in place.

Fitbit Inspire leather bands

Impawfan leather band

Price: $8.99


This leather band works with all Inspire models and is suitable to fit on wrist sizes between 5.5-8.1 inches. There are five colors in total including this dark blue number and all use watch buckle-style set ups to secure the band around your wrist.

It uses the quick-release mechanism to make it easy to dump your sporty band for something a little smarter looking.

Owzone leather band



Another leather band to consider adding to your Inspire 2 or Inspire HR, this one is suitable for wrist sizes ranging from 5.5-8.1-inches.

It will easily clip into place, so there's no tools needed and is also available in packs of two if you want to double up on your leather options.

StrapsCo Double Tour leather strap for Inspire


A double loop of leather makes for a stylish alternative to the boring black silicone you'll get in the box as standard.

This StrapsCo option is available with a heap of color options, and is made of genuine leather. The whole length measures 355mm, but remember that's wrapped twice, and it comes with a buckle fastening.

Fitbit Inspire leather replacement strap



You can’t beat a leather strap for a classic look, and if you’re wearing your band all day at work or at formal occasions then this will make it look a lot less sporty – and a whole lot more fashionable.
These leather bands come in a range of colors with attractive stitching – and of course, can be swapped in seconds for a silicone band when it’s time to get sweaty. There’s just one size that fits 5.5 to 8.1-inch (140-206mm) wrists.

Fitbit Inspire sports bands

VEAQEE nylon band

Price: $9.99


Another band clearly inspired by Apple's ones, this woven nylon band is a nice alternative to getting sweaty with a silicone one. It comes in six different colors and is fit for wrist sizes ranging from 5.51 to 7.48 inches.

The breathable design should ensure things don't get too sweaty and it's washable if you do plan to put in serious gym hours with it strapped on.

Fitbit Inspire replacement silicone straps



Silicone band replacements for Fitbit Inspire are so cheap it’s possible to pick up multi-packs of three or more colors.

These bands come in a range of shades, so you can swap and change your look, or bang another one on when yours gets a little sweaty and dirty, as silicone often will. Small size suitable for 4.7-6.7 inch (120mm-170mm) wrists; Large size suitable for 5.0 to 6.9-inch (125mm-175mm) wrists.

Wepro Bands Replacement Silicone strap



More silicone band replacements, you get three in a pack with complimentary color options and a secure buckle fastening.
Again, choose a small size for 5.5 to 7.1-inch wrists and a large size for 7.1 to 8.7-inch ones.

Fitbit Inspire clip accessory



A unique feature of the Fitbit Inspire HR and Inspire 2 is that it can be clipped to the body, rather than worn on the wrist.

This is especially useful if you’re spending a long time pushing a stroller, where you might not get full credit for steps – or you just want to keep your wrist clear of a greyscale display, which is more than understandable. If you want to track steps and activity from elsewhere on the body then invest in a clip-on holder.

Fitbit Inspire fashion bands

Findway metal mesh band



Metal mesh bands always look the business, so these affordable options are an easy win. You can get the metal strap in a host of color options, to suit all styles – with golf, silver, rose gold and even black catered for.

The bands are highly adjustable, but small size fits 5.5 to 8.5-inch wrists and large fits 6.1-9.9-inch wrists.

Uoomoo leaf bracelet band

Price: $14.99


This stainless steel bracelet band is made up of case and the leaf-style band that uses a tassel clasp to get that secure, comfortable fit.

Suitable for the Inspire, Inspire 2 and Inspire HR, you've got your pick of silver, pink gold, rose gold and black looks with materials that are anti-rust to make sure you can bling things up for for a long time.

Maledan patterned band

Price: $6.99


Bringing a little bit of fun to your fitness tracking, this elastomer band comes in a range of different looks including this paw print and a fetching paisley print too. The sweat and water-resistant profile makes it fit for a swim with no fading concerns to be had when you hit the water.

It's available in small (5.5 to 7.1 inches) and large (7.1 to 8.7 inches) sizes, with both options using buckles to offer a reliable fit.

NAHAI woven band

Price: $5.99


This woven band is made from canvas to ensure it's one that's built to last. Compatible with all Inspire models, it uses steel connectors to snap into the tracker's body with a steel buckle to keep it securely strapped to your wrist.

There are 10 different colors to pick from with and all come small and large sizes.

Koreda mesh bands

Price: $15.99


A pair of mesh loop bracelet bands, these two can dress up all Inspire family members and uses quick-release spring bars to pair them up with your tracker.

It now uses a magnet clasp as opposed to the setup pictured and is one of favorite Inspire looks that's clearly been inspired by the mesh band available for the Apple Watch.

T-BLUER Compatible Fitbit Inspire



It’s not all about silicone, leather or link – and there are some delightful woven straps that offer top comfort, moisture wicking and look superb.
One of the best options is the T-BLUER canvas strap, available in a host of colors, from standard black, a lovely two-tone grey, pink and red. It uses a buckle fastening and fits 5.9- 8.5-inch (150 to 225mm) wrists.

Shan-S Stainless steel link bracelet



This rose gold link bracelet is made of 316 stainless steel metal with a metal clasp. It’s adjustable, with three links that can be removed to fit wrist size 5.5 to 8.07-inch (138mm to 205mm).
It also comes in a range of other stainless steel colors, including yellow gold, silver and black.

MagicQK Metal Mesh strap



Add a touch of class with this gorgeous looking black stainless steel mesh band – which will fit wrist sizes up to 140 to 215mm.

The clasp is adjustable for a secure fit – and there are other color versions including silver and gold.


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