Senturion £60,000 security bracelet unlocks the door (or your wine cellar)

Out of this world materials packed into this limited edition RFID keyless system
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We've seen some pretty high end wearable tech landing over the last couple of months (see Intel MICA) but we've not stumbled across anything quite as extravagant as this luxury, security-based bracelet from Senturion.

Combining precious materials and RFID technology, the Senturion bracelet is keyless entry system, allowing wearers to unlock modern locks and doors without the need for fumbling around for keys.

That type of device is nothing new, of course, but we're pretty sure nobody has offered up a wearable security gadget packing in 4 billion year-old meteorite rock.

That's what you get with the £60,000 version - the Senturion V5AST Meteorite. For a mere £12,000 you can opt instead for the Senturion V2P Palladium, which as you probably guessed, is constructed of precious metal palladium. There will only be 500 made of the former and, due to the materials used, no two will be the same.

Both versions play nicely with Yale and Paxton’s latest RFID systems as well as cars with inbuilt keyless entry systems.

“For me, the meteorite is one of the most captivating treasures on our planet”, said Kathryn Hounsome, a client liaison of Senturion. “We are absolutely thrilled to work with such an extraordinary material to create a truly first of its kind product for our clients and collectors, who will be able to wear something older than the Earth itself on their wrist.”

We expect to see more of these high-end, luxury-lead, wearable devices hit the market as the new technology genre booms over the next few years. History shows that people don't mind spending lots of money on jewellery and designer accessories and it makes sense for those products to evolve to include sensors and smart features.

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