Miragii smart pendant micro projector heads to Kickstarter

This smart necklace has a micro projector and hidden Bluetooth earpiece
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Miragii, a San Diego-based fashion tech startup, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get its smart pendant mass produced and in the hands of fashion-forward tech savvy women.

The ceramic-based necklace, first launched at CES 2015, is smart jewellery with a twist. It has a micro projector that actually projects text messages onto your hand as well as a hidden Bluetooth earpiece that will allow you to take a phone call without pulling out your smartphone.

The Miragii is pretty bonkers. Not only can you project a text message or the information of an incoming call onto your hand, but you can also "wave away" the text or call with a gesture.

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What's more, using the companion app for iOS and Android, you can actually scroll through text messages or social networking feeds right on the palm of your hand.

The Bluetooth earpiece is embedded into the backside of the pendant. If you decide to take the call, simply pull out the earpiece and place it in your ear and you can start talking. You can also use the Bluetooth earpiece to listen to music from your smartphone.

The earpiece recharges automatically while connected to the pendant and Miragii claims it supports up to one hour of continuous talk time and three days of standby.

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As for the pendant itself, there are two different designs with six models in total. One of the designs is from an unnamed "prestigious San Francisco artist" and is made from Zirconia ceramic, which is allergy free. The other is from retail jewelry designer Lorenzo Group and is made from 18 karat gold or .925 sterling silver.

The Miragii pendant is up now on Kickstarter starting at $299. There is a less-expensive version for $149, but it doesn't come with the micro projector, which is, you know, the coolest part of this pendant. The campaign is looking to raise $75,000 by 8 October and plans to ship devices in December 2015.

WareableMiragii smart pendant micro projector heads to Kickstarter

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