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Incredible HD action from the latest wearable cameras
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The action camera, pretty much nailed by GoPro, is probably the most successful wearable technology device around today, and, by golly, are the results impressive.

So small you can strap them anywhere and so tough that they can handle any ride that you can, they offer that first person point of view of what it's like to jump out of a plane or off a precipice into the world's deepest caves and all without needing the expertise and training to do so.

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So, set the resolution to Full HD, click your player to full screen mode and enjoy 10 of the best action camera video adventures we've ever seen. This is what it's like to do all those things you've only ever dreamed of.

What it's like to survive an avalanche

We all have a morbid curiosity about these things. There are terrors like tornadoes, earthquakes or mud slides that we might wonder if we could survive; what would it be like to be in one?

Well, Romanian snowboarder Sorin Radu has that one answered for you if the question is about an avalanche. While out in the Parâng Mountains, a quick turn seems to trigger an entire shelf of snow to dislodge and sweep down the hillside bring Radu himself with it. The money shot is the moment when the cracks shoot out all around him and he takes a second to stop and look back to see if what he thinks is about to happen is really about to happen. It really is.

What it's like to be tasty on a bike

Ever done a backflip over a 72ft canyon? No, us neither, but Kelly McGarry did and the Kiwi BMXer was kind enough to take us along for the ride GoPro style. What's great about this vid is just how hairy the whole experience is even just in the build up as McGarry winds his way down the mountain tracks.

Then there's his breathing getting progressively heavier as he heads towards the ramp and finally that otherworldly feeling of going head over heels. Not something many of us would get to experience otherwise.

What it's like to be a kid again

Blobbing is not something we're familiar with in the UK, at least not in the context of summer camp. The exact way it works or where it comes from isn't really that important. The joy of this action cam video is that the expressions, the mumblings and, ultimately, the flight of these kids gives you a reminder of what is was like to be that age.

Anticipation, fear and unbridled fun; this one's got it all.

What it's like to fly

If you ever saw the video where someone strapped a GoPro camera to the back of an eagle, well, this is the human version. Professional skydiver Jeb Corliss takes to the mountains of Switzerland in a flying squirrel suit to perform a three-minute jump he calls the Barn Line.

There are other, more polished and over-edited versions of the footage but this simple one-shot tells the story better than any of the rest. It's easy to forget that this is really a base jump when it actually feels more like flying.

What it's like to be too good at golf

Ok, so there's little about living the experience of this one. It's just damn impressive what George and Wesley Bryan can do with a set of clubs, a few balls and far too much time on their hands.

It's also one of the few things one this list that you might be able to try at home. Happy driving.

What it's like to do a pole vault

Not many people among us have ever tried to pole vault. It's not exactly the first athletics discipline in the book. So, while many of us know the feeling of chucking a discus or landing in a spray of sand in the long jump pit, the spring of the carbon fibre pole catapulting you into the air and that moment of zero gravity as you clear the bar at the apex of your flight is something of a mystery.

Fortunately, top US track and field star Allison Stokke is here to take us along for the ride.

What it's like to jump off a roof

A day in the life of stuntman Ethan Swanson looks like pretty normal stuff. You get up, your tape a little body armour to your limbs and then you go and jump off the roof of the building next door in downtown Chicago.

It's all a bit like something that would happen in a dream. As for the reality, rather him than us.

What it's like to be a ski superman

Over rocks, into caves and even through a cafe; jump after jump after jump French ski master Candide Thovex shows that he's got it all as he takes us on an epic adventure on and off the pistes of the French alps in his short film One of Those Days 2.

Cover your mouth as you watch this or you'll be letting in flies.

What it's like to be really good at football

One team, three players and a wearable action camera to give you a POV experience of what it might be like to have the vision and the feet as quick as one of the best footballers in the business. This training session with a Carlos Tevez-era Manchester City squad is as much an enjoyable eye-opener as to what goes on in a Premier League practice session as it is a jaw-dropper for just what they can do with the ball at their feet.

Some lovely close control, the feeling of nailing a neat one-two and even a cheeky rabona from deep. Isn't it? Wasn't it? Ahhhh, marvellous.


Let us know what your favourite action-cam videos are by using the comments below....

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