Microsoft shows off its own Mixed Reality motion controllers

And they're... sparkly
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If you're going to have any kind of virtual, mixed or augmented reality setup, it's far better to have some kind of controller that makes real interaction with the virtual seamless. Today at its Build conference, Microsoft showed off its Mixed Reality Controllers, which aim to do just that.

The controllers are wand-ish, with a touchpad and analog stick on top, a couple buttons below each, a button to the side and a Windows home button just below the touchpad. The circular part of the controller up top, unlike other VR or AR controllers, is quite sparkly, peppered with lights that look like stars, and it appears that they can actually change colors and adapt to the content you're either creating or experiencing. Kind of like the PlayStation Move controllers.

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Those sparkly color bits do serve a purpose other than aesthetics, as they help the headset track your controllers. That's right, you won't need to install a bunch of sensors around your room. Your headset will take care of it all. Speaking of headsets, these bad boys will be bundled alongside Acer's Windows VR headset for $399 this holiday, which is only a $100 premium over the headset's regular $299 price.

If you're a developer, you can get in on the Windows Mixed Reality fun this summer. Both Acer and HP's headsets are available for pre-order today, with delivery in the summer. While Acer's headset will cost $299, HP's will cost $329.



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