Microsoft HoloLens 2 pictures appear to have snuck out ahead of big MWC unveiling

This could be our first look at the next gen holographic headset
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Pictures of what appear to show off Microsoft's next HoloLens headset have surfaced ahead of a big reveal at the company's MWC 2019 event.

Microsoft had been teasing a HoloLens 2 reveal in recent months and now it seems Twitter user WalkingCat has come across what look like images of the second generation headset.

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There are four images in total, which appear to show off a smaller form factor than the current setup, with new features like an adjustment dial at the back of the device and additional padding likely to improve the comfort of wearing the headset.

The images also seem to indicate that Microsoft's holographic headset could offer gesture support, something that isn't available on the current headset. That would add the ability to interact and click on holograms with your fingers.

We've already heard rumors of about what we can expect from a new HoloLens that has apparently gone under the codename Sydney and is set to be powered by an ARM-based processor. That means it'll offer a more powerful experience than the original, while battery life should also be vastly improved. It's also tipped offer an improved field of view to enhance its AR abilities.

What isn't clear is whether we will finally get a consumer version. It seems a safe bet to to think the next instalment will still be aimed at early adopters and developers.

The big HoloLens 2 reveal at MWC has been overshadowed by protests by Microsoft employees angered by the company's contract with the US army, that would put HoloLens on the battlefield. We won't have to wait too much longer now to find out if HoloLens 2 is going to be made official and whether those protests will grow stronger.

Via: The Verge

Microsoft HoloLens 2 pictures appear to have snuck out ahead of big MWC unveiling

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