Meta seeks partnership with Magic Leap to help develop future AR headsets

The pair are said to be in early talks over a deal
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Meta is set to seek help from startup Magic Leap to help further develop its mixed-reality headsets, with the pair reportedly in talks over a multi-year IP licensing and manufacturing deal.

According to new information from the Financial Times, negotiations aren't expected to deliver a joint headset, but it could see Magic Leap's optical technology included in a future Meta product.

Additional details relating to the potential partnership are light, though it's also expected that it could see Meta devices produced in the US instead of China, which is notable due to recent trade tensions between the two countries.

Other than this, it appears the deal is in its early stages. 

Given that Magic Leap pivoted to the enterprise sector ahead of the release of the Magic Leap 2 headset, though, and given what we've heard from company CEO Peggy Johnson over the last year, a partnership with a consumer-facing company like Meta would also make plenty of sense. 

Back in December, Johnson noted in a blog post that the company was seeing plenty of buzz relating to the licensing of its IP. 

"We have also received an incredible amount of interest from across the industry to license our IP and utilize our patented manufacturing process to produce optics for others seeking to launch their own mixed-reality technology," they said.

With Apple expected to unveil its long-awaited Reality Pro mixed-reality headset at WWDC 2023 in June, too, the timing is notable. 

The VR and AR industries are both expected to see a major uptick following the arrival of Apple into the market, and rivals like Meta will be under pressure to keep pace - especially with recent reports suggesting the Apple headset 'far exceeds' anything currently on the market

Of course, if such a partnership could be struck between Meta and Magic Leap, it's likely we'll see it announced at Meta Connect in the fall.

Stay tuned for more between now and then.


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