Apple's microLED display expansion may include an augmented reality wearable

It's apparently not just the Apple Watch getting in on the next-gen screens
AR wearable to receive Apple's microLED tech
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After reports indicated last week that Apple is exploring its own microLED display technology, whispers now suggest that the screens could also show up on an augmented reality wearable.

Bloomberg's initial report suggested that the Apple Watch would be the first to take advantage of the new technology. That's now been backed up by Digitimes, which also speculates that an AR wearable is in line to receive a microLED display.

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Furthering the initial claims, Digitimes says that high-end models of the smartwatch and a headset will feature the screens, measuring roughly 1.4- and 0.8-inches, respectively. If true, the displays are likely in the early stages of development at Apple's own 'secret' microLED facility in California.

The report also notes that the Cupertino giant is partnering with the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to bring the next-gen displays to the mass market, with the frames allegedly set to be ready for an Apple Watch by the end of 2018 - something Bloomberg, in its earlier report, suggested for 2020.

In case you're not sure, let's recap a couple of the benefits of microLED technology over OLED. Firstly, these displays require about half the power, so they're much more energy efficient, while also being brighter and offering higher contrast ratios. Perhaps most importantly to Apple, they're thinner, as well, which means they naturally enable thinner devices.

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As for the reports, well, despite there likely being some truth to the details surrounding Apple's plans for the technology, we'd suggest that mass market devices harbouring the technology still sit some way off, especially if they're being pushed into an AR wearable. Once Apple does make the leap, though, expect it to deliver microLED displays across its crop of devices.

Apple's microLED display expansion may also include an augmented reality wearable