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Apple Watch owners can now say bye bye Siri and hello to Alexa

Third-party app brings Amazon's smart assistant to the Apple Watch

Alexa on the Apple Watch, you say? While Apple doesn't currently offer official support for Alexa, there is now an Apple Watch app you can download now that will let you opt for Amazon's smart assistant to answer your daily queries instead of Siri.

Voice in a Can, which costs $1.99 has hit the Apple Store and is said to be compatible with iPhones, iPads and the Apple Watch. It's a standalone app, so it'll work over Wi-Fi or LTE if your phone isn't paired. Once the app is synced with your main Amazon Alexa account there's an icon you'll need to tap inside the app to awaken Alexa.

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The app also includes Complication support, letting you add a widget to your watch face to make launching Alexa easier. While it won't give you the ability to do things like ask for announcements, make calls or play music, it will give you the power to take control of your Alexa-enabled smart home tech from your Apple Watch.

That means it'll let you do things like turn on your lights or control your smart heating. If you've kitted out your smart home and have an Apple Watch, having this app could be a no-brainer. If you are wondering what smart home devices work with Alexa, check out our sister site The Ambient which has a good round-up of the best Amazon Alexa compatible devices.

It seems unlikely we'll see official Alexa app for the Apple Watch any time soon, especially when Apple hopes that Watch owners opt to use its own Siri assistant. But with more smart home devices packing Alexa than ever, this looks like the best way to get the Apple Watch to play nice with Amazon's assistant right now.

The few reviews left on the Apple Store for the new app have been positive overall, but we'll be downloading it ourselves to try it out.

Source: The Verge

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