Earn Apple Watch Badges for Earth Day and International Dance Day

Two new Awards launch for Apple Watch
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Apple is planning two new Apple Watch activity challenges for Earth Day and International Dance Day.

These challenges are a great way to stay motivated and track your fitness progress while celebrating important causes.

Apple has already launched challenges for International Women's Day this year, and there are a host of other rewards you can work towards. We have a full guide to the best Apple Watch challenges.

Earth Day Challenge

First up is a challenge for Earth Day, which champions environmental causes.

To earn this badge, you will need to complete a workout of at least 30 minutes on Earth Day, April 22.

You'll get an Apple Watch Award badge, and a sticker to use in FaceTime or iMessage.

International Dance Day Challenge

The next challenge will require firing up a workout mode on the Apple Watch that many, like us, won't have tried before.

To earn this badge, you will need to complete a dance workout of at least 20 minutes on International Dance Day on 29 April. 

You'll need to use the Apple Watch dance workout profile. If you're struggling for inspiration, there's a dance workout selection on Apple Fitness+.

Again, you'll get an IDD Apple Watch Award badge and sticker.

How to earn and view Awards

To earn the badges, simply complete the requirements on the specified day as outlined above.

You will be notified on your Apple Watch when you have earned a badge.

To see the badges you have earned, you can head to the Activity app and swipe left twice.

You'll then be greeted with a full library of badges, which are categorized under 'Close Your Rings', 'Limited Edition', 'Workouts' and 'Competitions'. 

Or you can view them in the Fitness app on the iPhone.

The stickers can be found in the Messages and FaceTime apps.

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