Apple Watch Series 7 is coming as six model numbers surface

New Apple Watch expected to be unveiled in September
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The next Apple Watch, which we anticipate will be called the Apple Watch Series 7, looks to have popped up in a regulatory database firming up that a new smartwatch is nearing on the horizon.

The folks at Consomac were the first to spy the supposed Apple Watch model numbers A2473, A2474, A2475, A2476, A2477, and A2478, which were filed at the Eurasian Economic Commission in Russia. That's the equivalent of regulatory bodies like the FCC and when model numbers assigned to devices appear in places like this, it's often a strong indication that a launch is looming.

Other than those six model numbers, there's unsurprisingly no real indication of what features will be attached to those numbers. It does suggest though that there will be multiple new Watch versions like there have been in previous years. We'd anticipate there'll be two different sizes and variations for LTE too. It may also be an indication that we'll get a successor to the Apple Watch SE.

The timing of the database filings also seems to point to the likelihood Apple will be prepping an official unveiling in September, which has been the case for previous new Watches. Apple hasn't announced a September 2021 event, but even in the midst of a pandemic it still managed to put on a Fall event in 2020. That's when we got our first look at the Apple Watch Series 6 and the more affordable Apple Watch SE.

In terms of what's rumoured for the Watch Series 7, the latest speculation suggests we could get a design change with talk of a flatter edged design. The render up top was knocked up by Apple leakster Jon Prosser who believes Apple will look to match the design it introduced on its iPhone 12 smartphone.

There's also talk of creating space for a bigger battery to finally improve on the 18 hours battery life Apple has offered since the first Watch. Apple might introduce a new rugged option and serious health monitoring features like non-invasive glucose monitoring and blood pressure monitoring too.

What we do know that the next Watch will have all of the new software features introduced in watchOS 8, which Apple unveiled at its WWDC 21 developer conference earlier this year. That included the ability to add ID cards and driver licenses to Apple Wallet, a new Mindfulness app, creating Portrait mode watch faces and bringing a new Home app, which will let you use the Watch as part of a new intercom feature.

While it might be wishful thinking to suggest all of those big rumored features are going to be in store for us when Apple does officially unveils its next smartwatch, we do it seems have confirmation from those model numbers that new Watches are coming and they're likely coming soon.

Via: 9to5Mac

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