Apple Watch Series 7 tipped to be a better sleep companion

New report suggests next Apple smartwatch will get battery boost and new colors
Apple Watch Series 7 battery boost tipped
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Update: The Apple Watch Series 7 is now official. Read our guide for everything you need to know.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is set to land with a larger capacity battery, which would signal the first time the smartwatch has been given a boost in the battery department.

News of that battery upgrade come courtesy of Taiwanese outlet UDN, who suggest based on details from sources in the supply chain building the device that Apple's next smartwatch will launch in September alongside a new iPhone and will be packing a new S7 processor.

Apparently that new processor will serve to free up space to enable Apple to place a battery with a greater capacity. If accurate, that could suggest that Apple is planning to attach bigger battery numbers to its smartwatch for the first time.

Since the launch of its first Watch, Apple has stated that its wearable is good to last 18 hours between charges stating that it offers, "All-day battery life". While clear improvements made to Watch internals and its watchOS software has seen its smartwatch being capable of going longer depending on usage, it's technically only ever been good for a day's use.

While Apple has stuck to the same battery life numbers all the way up to the Series 6, the likes of Fitbit, Samsung, Huawei and Garmin have delivered days and even weeks away from the charger.

If Apple does manage to improve battery life beyond that 18 hours, it would be welcomed, particularly as it starts to offer more reasons to keep that Watch on 24/7. That includes sleep tracking after the introduction of its native Sleep app in 2020. It would also be a big deal if it plans to offer more continuous health monitoring features that could demand more of the onboard battery.

The report additionally suggests that the new Apple Watch will be unveiled in new colors, though it didn't go as far as to state what those colors will be. There has been talk that Apple may look to add a green Apple Watch model, though like this battery talk, it's all still very much speculation.

With Google and Samsung planning big things for smartwatches before the end of the year, eyes will be on Apple to see what it does next. While a Series 7 with a bigger battery life and more colors might not sound like the most exciting things to look forward to for its next smartwatch instalment, it might just be the changes and improvements that are needed to help Apple stay ahead of the competition.

Via: 9to5Mac