The Apple Watch Series 4 will be revealed on 12 September

The guessing game begins
Apple Watch Series 4 arrives 12 September
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Apple's September event invites have gone out, and with them, painstaking analysis as reporters mine every little detail for a possible clue. “Gather round”, the invitation reads. Round iPad? It’s about time.

12 September is the day to mark in your calendars. Assuming Apple doesn’t mess with the formula, this is where we’ll see the Apple Watch Series 4 debut alongside new iPhones and possibly some new AirPods.

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We are, of course, joking about the round iPad. But what else can we infer from the clues? Clearly that gold circle is the new Apple campus, where the event will take place, but is it hinting at something else? We’ve speculated about a round Apple Watch for a long time, but it’s probably not that; all the leaks thus far have pointed at the new Watch retaining the same square design. In all likelihood, it’s a reference to a new iPhone camera, if anything.

The Apple Watch Series 4 will be revealed on 12 September

But we do expect to see changes in the new Apple Watch. According to recent reports, the new smartwatch will have smaller bezels - so more space for a bigger display. What hasn't leaked yet is any word on new sensors Apple might add. Pulse ox? Sleep tracking? It's all to play for.

Then there are those AirPods, Apple's latest big hit. Word on the street is that the new AirPods will be better for interacting with Siri, while a meatier upgrade is planned for 2019.

Not long until all becomes clear.

The Apple Watch Series 4 will be revealed on 12 September