Amazfit jumps on AI – with a ChatGPT style running coach

Two way chat with a virtual Zepp coach
Amazfit Chat GPT coach AI Zepp
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Zepp Health has launched an AI coach for its Amazfit Falcon and T-Rex Ultra smartwatches.

The coach offers real-time two-way coaching for running and has been teased by Zepp Health on its social channels.

The video shows the Zepp Coach as Chat GPT style chatbot, which enables users to ask a range of training questions.

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Users can ask the Coach how to structure sessions, ask questions about their routine, and get suggestions on how to work out.

Examples shown in the video – embedded below – are “how can I increase my VO2 max”, and the AI suggests workout sessions that will do the job.

We’re not sure whether it’s OpenAI’s GPT driving the feature, or another large language model (LLM), but it’s a very cool way of enabling people to engage with the platform.

The company is launching it as a limited beta, and you can sign up to get involved.

We’ve seen talking extensively about the role AI can play in wearables – and in coaching. And it was only last week that we spoke to Whoop VP Kristen Holmes about the role of AI in wearables.

And at the pace in which AI is growing and shaping the technology landscape, it’s little surprise that it’s already been leveraged into an app ecosystem.

But while this is a good start, it isn’t quite the AI dream.

The Zepp Coach AI is a chatbot within the Zepp app, integrated a few menus deep. 

The real promise of AI is that it can take your training data and make suggestions and offer feedback – structuring sessions that you can follow on your wearable. And, of course, pull in data from other apps and services, to provide a 360 look at your health.

That’s some way off – and there are plenty of barriers in between.

But the addition of a natural language coach into a strong fitness ecosystem is certainly a noteworthy point on the way to an AI wearables future – so kudos to Zepp Health for making it happen.

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