And finally: Apple Watch of the future could get improved gesture controls

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Liven up people, it's time for your fix of And finally. The place to find out about the smaller stories that didn't make the cut in our coverage of the big news from another packed week in world of wearables.

So we're not talking about news on the best Prime Day deals, rumors of an Apple Watch with a larger display or Fitbit's data and battery drain app issues. Head to our main news section for all that and more.

For everything else that happened in the wonderful world of wearables, read on and catch up on the best of the rest.

Apple's new Watch gesture controls

And finally: Apple Watch of the future could get improved gesture controls

It's Apple patent time and this time we are turning our attention to the different ways you could be one day interacting with your smartwatch. The patent in question is titled Motion and Gesture Input From a Wearable Device. In the patent it talks of a wearable device that can detect light through the skin. So as the tissue in the wrist expands and contracts, the technology will recognize the changes.

The idea is that Apple could potentially track movement from fingers, the hands, your arm as well the wrist. This could open the door for a wider range of controls for a smartwatch that would hopefully make it even easier and quicker to access core Watch features. It does seem that Apple has been looking at this gesture tech since 2015 so it may well be work that's still very much in process and might be a while yet before we see it packed into one of its smartwatches.

Goqii Vital monitors blood pressure

And finally: Apple Watch of the future could get improved gesture controls

The India-based startup has unveiled its latest fitness band with the headline feature a built-in blood pressure monitor to ramp up its vitals health tracking capabilities. The wearable also includes a heart rate monitor, and offers the ability to deliver the basic fitness tracking features along with dedicated sports tracking for running and cycling.

It's packed with an OLED touchscreen display, should muster up up to 7 days days battery life (depending on use) and will also display notifications from your phone. Goqii is also introducing its new Play feature to stream live videos from various healtk experts to the tracker's companion app.

It's going on sale in time for Amazon Prime Day (that's 16 June) on Amazon India and will also be available from Goqii's own store priced at 3,499 rupees (roughly ).

Find my AirPods mode gets upgraded

And finally: Apple Watch of the future could get improved gesture controls

While we might have to wait for new AirPods in the fall, Apple wants to make its existing buds more useful. Its latest iOS 11.4.1 update for iPhones is largely about bug fixes but it's also improved the ability to locate your wandering AirPods. Apple has now addressed an issue that had prevented some users from the viewing the last known location of the buds using the Find My Phone mode. This is definitely an update you need in your life if you are frequently misplacing your AirPods.

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