Apple Watch Cyber Monday 2019: These are the deals still available

Grab these discounts before they're gone for good
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While Black Friday 2019 is quickly becoming a distant memory, today marks Cyber Monday. That means today is likely going to be your last chance to pick up a significant saving on Apple's smartwatch before the year is out.

So if you're looking to pick up a discounted Series 3, Series 4 or the latest Series 5 in time for the festive season, you won't want to miss out on these last minute savings because once they're gone, they're gone.

Without further ado, here are the Apple Watch Cyber Monday deals you should care about.

Apple Watch Cyber Monday 2019 deals

There's a noteworthy discount on the new Apple Watch Series 5 40mm GPS model. First off, there's already $20 off. But if you're a Prime member, you'll also have another $24.01 taken off the price at checkout. That's a total saving of $44.01 on the latest and greatest Apple Watch and the lowest price yet.

Next up is a discount on the Cellular version of the Apple Watch Series 3. Typically there's a $100 price premium for the Cellular LTE-enabled model, and that's what makes this such a big saving.

Finally, for the Series 4 you can pick up the 40mm GPS model with $40 off from Best Buy.

There's also a saving from Target of $80 on the GPS & Cellular 44mm model.

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These are the best deals that are still available for the Apple Watch this Cyber Monday. If you're hunting for that Walmart $129 Apple Watch Series 3 deal, unfortunately that's now all dried up unless you get lucky and find one in store.

That deal, alongside the 42mm for $159, really did not last very long online. That's the nature of Apple Watch deals we're afraid. So if any of the above tickle your fancy, snap one up before it's too late.

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