​Apple Watch Series 4 crashes being caused by Daylight Saving changes

Daylight Saving playing havoc with latest Apple smartwatch
New Apple Watch crashes caused by DST
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The changing of the seasons is causing havoc for Apple Watch Series 4 users, with a spate of crashes reported in Australia, caused by Daylight Saving changes.

Australia has been the first country to be hit, when they advanced their clocks this weekend. The bug – which stems from the Infograph Activity complication, which was introduced on the Series 4 – puts the watch in an endless cycle of rebooting.

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When clocks change there isn't the standard 24 hours in a single day, and that seems to be causing the issue. That erroneous hour seems to have affected the activity tracking, which logs movement for every hour in the day.

This should be resolved, according to 9to5Mac, in 24 hours – and the site is reporting that Apple Watches in Australia have now returned to normal. Affected users can also look to remove the activity complication from the Watch via the companion app.

However, Apple will need to issue an update pretty quick, as Europe is heading for Daylight Saving pretty soon and the US at the beginning of November. Inaction would send a wave of rebooting Apple Watches across the globe, like some kind of rubbish Bond film.

Apple Watch crashes being caused by Daylight Saving

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