Google Wear OS 3 without Samsung software on top looks pretty slick

Here's a first look at how new Wear might look on the TicWatch Pro 3 and the Fossil Gen 6
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It looks like we have our first glimpse at how Google's latest version of Wear OS could appear on non-Samsung smartwatches when the software starts rolling out in 2022.

A host of screenshots were shared on Reddit from the Android Developer Studio where developers test apps, showing off the smartwatch operating system built by Google and Samsung without Samsung's One Touch UI overlaid on top.

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So far, our only proper first hand experience of Wear OS 3 has come courtesy of our testing time with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which is currently the only smartwatch you can buy that runs on new Wear.

The shots show off screens for menu screens like turning on location tracking and Wi-Fi connectivity, adjusting screen brightness, checking battery status, setting timers and seeing most recently used apps and features.

Google Wear OS 3 without Samsung software on top looks pretty slick

If these are an accurate reflection of what we could see on compatible Wear OS 3 smartwatches like the TicWatch Pro 3, TicWatch E3 and Fossil Gen 6, it doesn't look like they'll radically deviate from what we've already experienced on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. The screens show off a pretty clean, minimalist looking user interface with similar menu screens, so maybe we shouldn't expect wholesale changes here.

Google Wear OS 3 without Samsung software on top looks pretty slick

We should also factor in that we don't really know if hardware partners like Mobvoi and Fossil, who have confirmed its newest watches will get Wear OS 3, will have any kind of say on the appearance of new Wear on their watches. Both have added their own UI flourishes to Google's Wear, which has only grown with their most recent Wear watches. It may be a case that hardware partners will want to do the same again to help keep those watches feeling more unique.

Currently, we still don't have any firm dates for when smartwatches compatible with new Wear will get upgraded outside of being told it will be 2022. These screenshots don't point to wholesale changes it seems, but it's does seem to suggest we are edging closer to seeing Wear OS 3 on more smartwatches soon.

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