Google Fit can now track your sleep and map runs from your Apple Watch

Dark mode also lands in sizeable update for the health and fitness app
Google Fit adds sleep tracking and more
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Google has updated its Google Fit app letting you track your sleep from the Android and iOS-friendly health and fitness app.

Fit owners can now connect to third party sleep tracking apps to monitor your sleep patterns and also edit bed time in the Journal section of the app.

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In addition to the new sleep tracking support, Google is also adding a dark mode to help you wind down when you need to track that sleep too. Google's a big fan of dark modes, rolling them out across many of its own apps, so it's no surprise to see Fit join the gang.

There's big features coming to the iOS version of the Google Fit app to bring better parity to the Google version of the app as well. Now iPhone users can map routes for runs, rides and hikes and see that data inside of the app whether you're using your phone or a supported wearable like the Apple Watch and Google's own Wear OS watches.

Google rebooted Fit last year to offer a more simplistic way of measuring your activity progress during the day, ditching step tracking for chasing Move Minutes and Heart Points.

It has recently been rolling out updates to make it a much better place to track your health and fitness. We've seen mindfulness features like guided breathing added to its Wear OS app, a new-low power GPS mode to help preserve your phone's battery life and it most recently launched an iOS version of the app.

The latest update should be rolling out over the next week, according to Google, so look out for a download to enjoy these new features.