Cardiogram is coming to Android Wear to help you access deeper heart rate data

The app is ready to tackle heart rate conditions through Google's platform
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Android Wear users looking to get more out of their heart rate data will now be able to look to Cardiogram.

The popular Apple Watch app, which allows users to learn whether their resting heart rate is trending up or down, measure a night of sleep and keeps a general tab on your health condition. It'll now be available for a raft of Android Wear smartwatches featuring a heart rate monitor.

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While that list doesn't include many of Fossil's designer brand watches, the likes of the LG Watch Sport, Huawei Watch 2, Polar M600 and the upcoming Misfit Vapor will all be free to tap into the advanced heart rate metrics.

It won't just be coming to the Google platform, either. As Cardiogram's developers note, due to the Android Wear API's power, some exclusive features will launch alongside. For example, by default, Cardiogram turns on your watch's heart rate sensor once every five minutes, but if you want minute-by-minute heart rate tracking throughout the day, you can turn up the measurement frequency. There's also integration with Google Fit for step and exercise tracking.

The app will be used to detect conditions such as atrial fibrillation, which Cardiogram's neural network, DeepHeart, was found to pick up with 97% accuracy. And by detecting early with the help of everyday smartwatches, the broader hope is that heart conditions are spotted early, can prevent more serious developments and also help any strain on healthcare.

Of course, with Apple itself and more players in the smartwatch space slowly beginning to prioritise the health capabilities of watches, it was only a matter of time before Cardiogram filtered over to Android Wear. The question now becomes how it manages to leverage its platform and continues to remain relevant when rivalled by company's own heart data solutions.


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