Asus ZenWatch now officially on sale - $199.99 price confirmed

UPDATED: Android Wear smartwatch hits Best Buy in the US, with much confusion

The Asus ZenWatch has gone on sale at last, hitting Best Buy stores in the US priced at just under $200 - although there has been a whole lot of misinformation coming from both Best Buy and Asus.

Update: The Asus ZenWatch is now available to order at Best Buy, priced at $199.99, although stock levels seem to be ever changing. The whole affair has been a mess from start to finish. Firstly, the watch didn't go on sale on the day it did and when it finally arrived, the price was stated as $229.95. We're getting reports that buyers who paid the higher price are getting refunded for the difference. For reference, the 9 November date and the $199.99 price tag were both officially stated by Asus last week. Click here for details.

The ZenWatch was revealed back in September at IFA, alongside fellow Android Wear Smartwatches the Sony SmartWatch 3 and the LG G Watch R. When Wareable got its hands on it at the Berlin expo, we described it as "the most elegantly designed Android Wear watch to date".

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The Taiwanese tech company was clearly gearing up for its arrival last week when it launched a trio of new apps in Google Play: Asus ZenWatch Manager, Asus Remote Camera and Asus Wellness.

The curved rectangular display helps the ZenWatch stand out, and as for looks and style it feels like something of a fashion conscious throwback. The ZenWatch sports a 1.63-inch 320 x 320 pixel AMOLED screen, while internally it matches the devices already on the market.

We're told that a UK release for the smartwatch is imminent and that a sub £200 price tag can be expected.

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  • Steebie·

    Where? It's not in stores and not on anyone's website! 

  • admin·

    Ahhh typical, a 1:1 dollar to pound conversion may be expected then as usual :( Even if we get it in the UK at the Expansys price tag of £159.99, it's still nearly a £35 increase. Unless the Best buy price is without Tax?

    I would be keen to see the source on the "imminent" release date though :)

    • cybertek·

      Yes, but your information of the watch going on sale at BestBuy is incorrect as the Watch is currently not at any store locations.  I checked over 20 stores here in Virginia and not one store has the watch for sale.  I also called Bestbuy directly and they have not received any in inventory.  So what stores have you seen selling them?

    • j.stables·

      The source is nailed on, if impossibly vague. And I think that US price does include tax, so 1:1 is a possibility.

      Thanks for commenting but could you please change your name from 'admin' should you comment again? It was eaten by our spam filter, so in future people might not get to see your input. Thanks.

      • Paul·

        US prices don't include tax.  

      • Simon·

        The US price typically does not include sales tax, so depending on the state you'd have to add on roughly another 7-8%, or around $15 give or take a couple.

        My local Best Buys in Minnesota didn't have the watch in stock either. They suspected a shipment delay from the supplier.

  • cybertek·

    I went to multiple BestBuys here in Virginia and even called BestBuy.  No one either heard of the device and definitely was not selling the device.  If you search the Best Buy website, you see the watch is now listed as out of stock no longer available.

    • j.stables·

      Hmmm, we'll look into this. Often the staff at big retailers are the last to know about this sort of stuff...but interesting if it's being de-listed.

  • dhoye·

    I ventured out to Best Buy yesterday in Phoenix and found the same situation ... nobody knew what I was talking about. According to the staffer who helped me, the ZenWatch was not in any Phoenix-area stores and couldn't be located on the company's Web site. (She also didn't find the out-of-stock notice that others are now reporting.) Her best advice: "We have a truck coming Wednesday. Check back then."

  • Lostgamer·

    No it is NOT officially on sale. No Best Buy anywhere is even aware of what the device is let alone selling it. It appears that the original press release was wrong and every single tech site copied it and reported what I assume to be a typo. My guess is that the November 9th date, should have been November 19th. That's the only thing I can come up with that would make sense. Because it did not make sense to announce on Friday the 7th that it would be in store on Sunday the 9th. That's too quick. Plus no company ever releases a product on a Sunday, that doesn't make sense either because shipping does not happen on Sunday's. Please, can you get some actual information from ASUS to provide to us?

    • p.lamkin·

      We've reached out to Asus for an official line. Will update the story accordingly. 

      • Lostgamer·

        Thanks for reaching out to them. :) Maybe they can help clear this up.

      • cybertek·

        cool, hope it is the 19th at the latest, been waiting since August to replace my watch and I am in so in need of a new smart watch!

  • marcus·

    i went several bestbuy in new york city today. nobody has it. 

  • Vishal·

    Must be that the writer was so confident of this that they put the article out in advance with publish date for Nov 9. And even after multiple complains, the article should have been retracted or at lease modified to state the fact. Talk about sensationalizing a web-site with false information.

  • kobe·

    it's list on best buy's website as coming soon, but for $229, not $199

    • blackidhat·

      That's what i said. Why the hell is it $229 and not $199. I was looking forward this device not that it been delsay and the price is $30 more im not so sure... I'll wait and see what the price is on google play. 

  • Steebie·

    So, it's finally up on their site, but the price has varied between $299 and $229.  It also reports out of stock and "no longer available"...there is something screwy going on here.

  • p.lamkin·

    Hey guys. A lot of interest in this story and a lot of misinformation coming out of Taiwan. We are awaiting a response from our Asus contacts and will bring you more details as soon as we can.   

  • tgomoses54·

    online bestbuy price tag it for $230 when it clearly said $199 WTF!!

    i am tired off bestbuy crap....

  • randyb9671·

    I just checked the Best Buy site and it has been updated to show that the watch is "coming soon", but the price is $229.99 not $199.99.  Is price gouging going on due to popular demand?

  • ShaneCookOH·

    So it is $229 and no ETA?  Isn't that how Apple announced their watch... $349 sometime next year.

  • L_E_O·

    Damn them... I went ahead and ordered though. The store pick-up time changed twice while in my shopping cart, so I didn't want to be left out completely. If they adjust the price back to $199 in the next 2 months, I'll get the credit.

  • tonygio·

    I just happened to check BB at 11:35am CST and it showed availability.  I ordered it and received a confirmation from BB.  Now it is out of stock.  I guess I got lucky.

  • tonygio·

    I just happened to check the BB website at 11:35am CST, and there was availability for shipping and store pickup.  I ordered one to be shipped and received a BB order confirmation.  Now it is out of stock again.  I guess I got lucky!

  • kaylord84·

    x2 i ordered with 1day shipping 

  • kaylord84·

     Your order has shipped 


    Good news! The item(s) listed below were shipped on November 11, 2014, and will be arriving soon. 

  • kinged·

    that went fast.  I have to wait for next batch.

  • karin218·

    Got my watch about 30 minutes ago.  It's a beauty.  Amazing how crystal clear it is and the features.  Pleasantly surprised.  :-)

  • mitchellvii·

    Stopped by the store.  No one heard such a watch even exists.  Bestbuy employees are always clueless.  If it weren't so sad it would be funny.  Try asking the actual Samsung Rep about Samsung Products sometime.  They know almost NOTHING and they are repping Samsung!

  • kaylord84·

    i just had best buy refund me thr $29 difference i paid yesterday. Also ups just delivered my watch

    • RickM·

      How did you get your refund?

  • Eagleone1·

    Why bother making a comment here ? They removed mine and it was completely legit

  • arya1967·

    Let's face it, it's not going to come to the UK. Expansys is longer taking pre-orders, you can just "register your interest". It's gone the same way as the vast majority of other smartwatches. It's US or bust.