And finally: 4G LG G Watch R 2 to arrive next year and more...

We mop up the wearable rumours and mumbles of the week
4G LG G Watch R 2 to arrive next year

In our latest And Finally feature we round up all the wearable news and rumblings that didn't quite make the site this week. From rumours that LG will unleash a 4G smartwatch early next year, to details of the new Google Fit features, we’ve got it covered.

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4G LG G Watch R 2 to get MWC bow

There was confirmation this week that HTC will show off its wearable over in Vegas at CES in January but a far more juicy rumour flew out of Korea this week.

Business Korea reported that “LG Electronics is going to unveil its 4G smart watch, tentatively named the G Watch R2, next year.”

It’s purported that the 4G capable Android Wear smartwatch will get an official airing at MWC 2015, which takes place in March.

Wearable tech boosting sex lives

A survey of over 1,000 US respondents in the "Millennial" generation revealed that people are “open to incorporating wearable technology in their lives, with one in four even showing willingness to wear such devices during sex.”

Read more here and don’t forget to check out our guide to the wearable tech sex boom.

Is this the original Apple Watch?

No, it isn’t. But it is an original Apple Watch. MacRumours highlighted that this 1995 Apple-branded timepiece went back on sale this week, priced from $99 to $129 depending on the condition.

The watch was given away nearly 20 years ago to Apple customers who upgraded their Macs to the latest OS.

You’re too late to grab one though, the limited release of Apple Watch units has now been sold. You’ll have to wait for the real-deal to land in 2015.

Movo Wave’s hello to budget seekers

A glorified pedometer or a genuine fitness tracker? We’re not sure – but we’ll give the Movo Wave the benefit of the doubt due to it’s super-low price tag.

Pre-orders for the device went live back in August but it was only this week that units started shipping. Check out the Movo website for more information – we’ve called one in, so will hopefully get a review on the site soon.

In the meantime, see how it measures up to the best budget fitness trackers.

Google Fit gets sporty

Google Fit added over 100 new activities to the its platform this week, while at the same time tweaking its algorithms to be more accurate with regards to measuring your steps, walking, running and cycling.

The new activities shouldn’t leave you wanting; there’s everything from skiing, skating and biathlon to volleyball, boxing, cricket and even kite surfing.

Read our Google Fit guide for help getting set up with the Android fitness platform.

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