This wearable panic button aims to keep you safe in dangerous situations

Communicate with friends and family in just a click
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Colorado startup Revolar is back with its second generation safety wearable offering its clip-on device through crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

The Revolar Instinct is able to connect to your smartphone in order to provide real time GPS, with clicks of the button allowing a wearer to contact family and friends. Users can check in with one click, signal a Yellow Alert asking for back-up with two clicks and warn of a Red Alert emergency with three clicks.

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A wearer can also choose up to five contacts and customise specific alerts, with the Ring Me feature also letting a user click the Instinct button to call their own phone and excuse themselves from uncomfortable situations. And if you want to keep a tab on the most basic fitness metric, the Instinct can also track your steps.

"We created Revolar to revolutionise the way you protect yourself and the ones you love," says co-founder and CEO Jacqueline Ros. "We interviewed hundreds of survivors and what we heard again and again was, 'I knew something was wrong, but I felt paralysed. I couldn't call 911 because of a bad feeling.' We designed Revolar to end the stigma around asking for help."

The device is currently going through crowdfunding on Indiegogo, with early bird offers starting from $59, which is significantly cheaper than its eventual retail price of $80. The Instinct is also expected to ship in May, if it's able to fulfil its $50,000 funding goal.

Building personal safety features into wearables has been on the agenda for major tech players with Samsung and Apple both adding emergency features to their most recent smartwatches. So don't be surprised to see more devices crop up in the near future that want to keep us safe and sound.

This wearable panic button aims to keep you safe in dangerous situations

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