StatSports launches GPS sports bra for women's football

Not a moment too soon for female players
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StatSports has launched its first connected GPS sports bra – aimed at women footballers.

For the uninitiated, StatSports tracks and analyses performance on the football pitch. The Apex Athlete Series is its consumer product, offering individuals and amateur teams the same kind of insights that elite sports teams obsess over.

Anyone who’s watched the end of a Premier League or a top-flight football match will have seen elite players wearing the iconic bra – which enables sports scientists to look into the minutia of performance.

That has meant all players wearing a unisex sports vest, and if you’re a female player, a sports bra as well – until now.

StatSports has finally released a specialist sports bra for women, offering better support and comfort, while delivering the same stats and analysis.

The bra replaces the unisex vest altogether, and is shaped for a better fit and has adaptable cup sizes, which you’d think was kind of essential.

The StatSports Apex pod then slots into the vest, so users can track 16 key metrics.

Those include max speed, high speed running, high intensity distance, step balance, sprints, and stress load.

With the women’s game taking off commercially (the Women's Super League saw an increase of 5.9 million viewers in 2021), it’s great that up-and-coming players enjoying the game locally, or as part of professional teams, now have suitable and comfortable apparel.

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