StatSports' Apex Athlete Series brings football stats to the masses

The GPS pod will give amateur players mapping info, performance stats and more
StatSports set to track amateur football
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Sports performance giant StatSports is bringing its insights to the everyday footballer, launching its Apex Athlete Series for players across the globe.

The new device comes after the company first pioneered its technology with Premier League teams, international rugby setups and franchises across the NFL, MLB and NBA, offering performance data to players and staff through a tracking pod fitted inside a compression vest.

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The new GPS sensor, just like the professional version, gives coaches and players tracked metrics in real-time, providing data on speed, heart rate and distance. Once wirelessly synced over to a companion smartphone, users can look back on their stats in full, receiving mapping breakdowns and splits, as well as a graphs involving a few more in-depth metrics, such as High Metabolic Load Distance and High Speed Running.

In terms of the features offered by the Apex Athlete, there doesn't appear to be too much drop-off from the pro-level version. Everything will be viewable in real-time, while users can also access leagues and leaderboards to compare against other players. Charging isn't required after every game, either, with battery life, according to StatSports, lasting for around nine hours.

Much like rival sports trackers we've seen hit the market over the past couple of years, the key to bringing data to the masses is by keeping things simple. It's not just for sports teams like Manchester United and Plymouth Argyle. It's a good sign that StatSports is pivoting from the platform it's already built up in the realms of professional tracking, and it looks set to strike the right balance between hardcore data and fun stats that keep you coming back and comparing with friends.

We'll be testing out the Apex Athlete over the coming few weeks, so stay tuned for our full review, but those who can't wait can already pick up the device from the StatSports website for $299.99.

StatSports is gearing up to bring its Apex sports performance tracker to the masses