Forget the bots, now anyone can buy a pair of Snap Spectacles

Smart shades can be bought directly from the Snap website, if you live in the US...
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After teasing a big reveal on its website over the last couple of days, Snap will now let you buy the Spectacles smartglasses directly from its website. That's right, you no longer need to wait for a Snapbot vending machine to land in your city.

If you head over to now, you'll be able to order a pair in black, coral or teal colours for $129.99. That also includes the charging case and cable and it's expected to ship within 2-4 weeks. The bad news is that it will still only ship in the US.

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The hipster smartglasses that capture round video straight from the frame, were a surprise wearable hit in last year, but the only way you could buy them was if you found yourself near one of the Snap vending machines that the company randomly dropped around cities in the US.

Forget the bots, now anyone can buy a pair of Snap Spectacles

Snap had recently teased the possibility of a bigger Spectacles rollout ahead of its $3 billion IPO saying, "We plan to significantly broaden the distribution of Spectacles," and it's now delivered on that promise weeks later.

Rumours continue to persist that Snap has bigger, smarter plans for connected eyewear as well having recently acquired augmented reality startup Cimagine for what was reported to be around $30-40 million. The tech could be a good fit for a pair of Google Glass-style smartglasses.

Don't be surprised if Snap has more to talk about on the hardware front before the year is out. Hopefully there will also be news on a global rollout so everyone can get in on the action.

Are you planning to buy a pair of Snap Spectacles? Let us know in the comments below.

Forget the bots, now anyone can buy a pair of Snap Spectacles

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