Snap Spectacles update makes it easier to share videos and photos on other apps

Users can now customise how their Snaps are exported
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Snap Spectacles users will soon be able to share videos and photos captured with the smartglasses more easily on other apps.

Thanks to an update now rolling out to Snapchat, owners of the glasses will be able to customise how their snaps are exported to their camera roll or third-party services and apps.

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Currently, the default option has both video and photos appearing in a circular format, though this is now set to expand to allow for square and widescreen snaps, too. Those standard circular imports will also gain the option to feature a white or black background.

So, how does the process now differ during the snapping and uploading? Well, you won't have to actually do anything different during wear; simply snap away as you usually would and sync over through Snapchat when you're ready for that second look on your phone.

The change actually comes once snaps have been uploaded and you're looking to share. When currently exporting, the video or photo defaults to the limited circle, though it will now give you the options shown below to choose from.

Snap Spectacles update makes it easier to share videos and photos on other apps

And while adding a few fresh video formats may not appear to be the biggest change on the surface, this does open an interesting door for the platform. You could always save videos to your camera roll and upload them to other platforms, but the circle-only snaps just never felt suited to uploads on the likes of Instagram or Facebook.

Now, with the option to view videos in a widescreen or square mode, it makes what you're capturing more universal, almost like a GoPro for your face - the lack of which was one of the drawbacks we recently discussed in our review of the second generation Spectacles.

We're not going to bet the farm that this update kickstarts a big spike in sales for the new Spectacles, but it is, at the very least, encouraging to see that Snap is committed to improving its platform with updates that actually do make a difference to how people use the device and share what they capture.

Now, if we could just get them a little cheaper and with a friendlier design, everything will be set.

Snap Spectacles update makes it easier to share videos and photos on other apps

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