Snap Spectacles 3 come with all-new design, dual HD cameras and 3D AR

The next-gen smartglasses launch in November for $380
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Snap has revealed the third-generation of its Spectacles smartglasses, showcasing a new metallic look and revamped features.

The new Spectacles 3 feature dual HD cameras, allowing you to take advantage of 3D filters, effects and lenses for your footage and photos. These photos will sync automatically to your phone, and can also be viewed again using a bundled "3D viewer" if you fancy being immersed in your photographic memories.

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The Spectacles 3 will also be able to take 3D photos, and Snap has showcased some parallax-effect photos to show what this would look like. For the sake of those around you, an LED ring will light up when you're recording - just like with previous models.

The cameras will record 3D footage at 60fps, with 4GB of onboard storage storing around 100 videos or 1,200 photos. The second camera means that this footage should feature depth that's closer to the human eye's perception.

Snap seems to have pivoted toward fashion with its more recent Spectacles - the latest glasses sport a noticeably more refined and lightweight look than previous standard models, and are machined from a single sheet of stainless steel. They lean more towards the Nico and Veronica models of Spectacles 2, and will come in two colours - cobalt (black) and mineral (rose gold). A new charging case will also be part of the package.

Snap Spectacles 3 come with all-new design, dual HD cameras and 3D AR

That new case will be able to store four full charges in it, meaning that you shouldn't have to recharge it too often, either.

The new models are priced at , whereas second-generation Spectacles 2 are listed at - presently. This represents a pretty sizeable pricing jump, perhaps explained by the upgrade in materials and metal frame.

Snap's previous generations of Spectacles haven't exactly flown off the shelves, but the company is clearly committed to continuing down the hardware route. You can pre-order the Spectacles 3 now through Snap's website, and should start shipping in November.

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