This wearable will set your walking pace with music

Move your feet to the tunes
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We've seen running watches help runners set their pace, now a new wearable that clips onto your shoe could use music to help walking become less of a chore.

Ruawalk helps you select music to set your walking pace and reach specific personal goals, with a virtual coach on hand to pick you up if your cadence falls too slow or elevates too high. If you stay in line with the music, you earn points which will be displayed after a workout.

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Double points can be attained if you complete an entire exercise program, which can then be used to spend on more music via its Ruamusic service. The device itself is 12g and looks like a fat Misfit Shine with mint, orange, violet and pink colours. It clips onto one of your shoes and provides feedback for around three to five days per charge.

Ruawalk also claims it can deliver a high level of accuracy in comparison to other app-based devices, which often have the tendency to over-count your steps. There are seven different routines to choose from (I'm on a diet, power commute) ranging from a light stroll to a more challenging 30 minute session. Each includes a warm up and cool down section.

While potentially useful in helping to join together your rhythm and music, Ruawalk isn't the first device to tap into your shoe and make it smarter.

Under Armour recently unveiled a pair of running shoes that will tell you if you're fit enough to run, while companies such as Orpryx and HCi Viocare are using embedded sensors to prevent you from injury.

Since Ruawalk's system will largely be an app-based joint, making sure data syncs accurately is obviously crucial to its success - providing it can even reach its $30,000 crowdfunding goal and ship to prospective customers.

So if your walking workout could use a pep talk and feature more jaunty anthems, you can back the device for $69 on Kickstarter in line for a June delivery. There's currently no indication from the company just how much this price is snipped from the eventual retail price.

This wearable will set your walking pace with music

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