​The best pedometers for getting fit

If you're all about the steps, check out these top smart pedometers
The best pedometers for getting fit

Forget for a moment all of the advanced fitness tracking functionality that's available now, covering everything from heart rate to skin temperature — you just want something to count your steps, and count them well.

The trusty pedometer is the tool for the job and has been around for some time. You'll find plenty of different options out there to go walking with.

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To help you spend less time choosing and more time step-counting, we've picked out some of the best devices on sale at the moment, covering a variety of price points. Many of these devices offer a selection of extra features to take advantage of too.

Striiv Smart Pedometer

Up at the top end of the pedometer price bracket, the Striiv Smart Pedometer is for those who want the best step tracking that money can buy. Not only does it track the number of steps you take each day, it then challenges to you stay active or to beat your previous records — you can compete against friends or take on one of the built-in games. Striiv says the advanced internal sensors help it avoid the 'fake' steps that other trackers pick up.

$119.95, striiv.com | Amazon

Jawbone UP Move

It may have been superseded by newer and more expensive devices in the Jawbone tracker range, but the UP Move is an excellent pedometer that won't cost you much at all — and you can clip it on to clothes or a pocket or pretty much anywhere you like. It can track your sleep too, and thanks to Jawbone's companion smartphone app (one of the best in the business), reviewing your step history, setting targets for the future and getting smart coaching advice are all straightforward.

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$49.99, jawbone.com | Amazon

Omron Alvita Ultimate Pedometer

From Japanese healthcare giant Omron comes the Alvita, this is a pedometer that really keeps things simple. Thanks to its highly accurate 3D sensor it's able to detect different walking speeds, from the brisk strut to the lazy amble, and you can use the special Action button to record unusual activity outside your daily routine. The gadget is capable of showing daily averages, burned calories and more besides, and it's able to keep track of distance travelled.

$29.99, omron-healthcare.com |Amazon

Oregon Scientific PE320

There are plenty of Oregon pedometers on sale but the PE320 is the newest and most straightforward of the range (the company makes all kinds of gadgets, from weather instruments to atomic clocks). The PE320 measures distance walked, steps taken and shows the time to boot — all for just a handful of pounds (or dollars). You can set customised targets and store up to seven days of history on the device itself, and adjust the step-counting sensitivity.

$9.99, oregonscientificstore.com | Amazon

Ozeri 4x3 Motion

Ozeri claims that the triple-axis sensors built into its devices make them some of the most accurate pedometers on the market, and this model measures steps, distance, speed, calories and time in one compact unit you can place anywhere on your body. Like a professional athlete you can record your split and lap times as well as daily totals as you go. The clock, calendar and timer features add some extra functionality to the device as well.

$49.99, ozeri.com | Amazon

Fitbit Zip

Fitbit makes trackers in all shapes and sizes, but the straightforward Zip is perhaps the most appealing for pedometer fans (even if all its products count steps) — the simple dongle can be clipped anywhere on your body to monitor steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned. It syncs data back to your phone and the Web wirelessly and offers personalised advice and tips for upping your fitness levels. You get to pick from five different colours: charcoal, blue, white, lime and magenta.

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$49.99, fitbit.com | Amazon

CSX Walking 3D Pedometer

The CSX Walking 3D Pedometer comes across as a good deal whichever way you look at it: not only do you get a device which tracks steps, distance and calories, you also get an 18-month warranty and a bundled ebook called Walk Yourself Fitter. The tri-axis walk sensor works from anywhere on your body, while the seven-day memory gives you instant feedback on your daily activity time and helps you keep track of your goals as you progress.

$42.99, csxpro.com | Amazon

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