Nuviz HUD ready to ship four years after its crowdfunding campaign

The heads-up display for motorcyclists is finally ready for the road
Nuviz HUD is finally ready for the road
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Clearly building a heads-up display for motorcyclists is no easy job, just ask the folks at Skully. The Nuviz HUD raised over $200,000 back in 2013 and now the device is ready to buy in the US and Europe.

The $699 HUD can be mounted onto most motorcycle helmets and uses the startup's own optic tech to create a virtual image that looks like its floating in front your eyesight. It can then be used for features like navigation with turn-by-turn directions, to capture HD video (up to 1080p) and shoot 8-megapixel photos. Data can be stored on a Micro SD card that slots into the device. You can also stream music from services like Spotify and even take calls as well.

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It's being powered by the kind of Qualcomm quad-core processor you'd find nestled inside a smartphone and there's plenty of sensors on board with built-in GPS to track routes alongside accelerometer, gyroscope and altimeter sensors. The connectivity bases are covered as well with Bluetooth and WLAN both supported. An onboard 3,250mAh battery should deliver around eight hours of battery before you need to reach for the charger.

Nuviz HUD ready to ship four years after its crowdfunding campaign

There's a companion smartphone app for iOS and Android that can be paired to a wireless handlebar controller that also comes as part of the package. Here you can map out routes, review ride data and manage settings for music playback.

So what was the hold up? Speaking to New Atlas, Nuviz co-founder Malte Laass explained that it was due to the complexity of making a fully-featured devices that was durable and upgradeable.

Now it's ready to ship and at $699, it's going to be a whole lot cheaper than the figure touted for Skully's smart cycle helmet. Let's just hope it's been worth the wait.

Source: New Atlas

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