Notch wants to take real time coaching to the next level

Swimmers, runners and even boxers can fix their form and technique
Notch body tracking sensors now available
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New York startup Notch Interfaces is bouncing back from a failed Kickstarter campaign that launched in 2013, and is now set to start shipping its body tracking wearable three years later.

Notch is made up of a series of wireless sensors that can attach to clothes via small straps. Packed with accelerometers, gyroscopes and compasses, it's able to record the user's motion and then relay that information in real time to the companion smartphone app to see a 3D view of the movement.

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Aimed at athletes including boxers and runners as well as therapists, the company uses its own algorithms to capture and analyse range of motion data. That should give you or a coach an insight into form and posture, making it easier to identify problematic areas with technique. It's also waterproof, which means swimmers can take advantage of the tracking tech as well.

There's the flexibility to add or remove modules from around the body when you want to track a different range of motion and the built in vibration motor supports haptic feedback buzzing if they've made a good or bad move.

Notch is currently available to pre-order from the startup's website with $379 (usually $419) getting you a six-sensor kit that you can wear on the upper body and lower body along with sensors for the right side and left side of the body.

We've been calling out for more real time coaching wearables with the likes of Moov Now and the GymWatch showing us what can be done. Notch has the potential to offer full body tracking and analysis for a much wider variety of activities. At just under $400, it's clearly one for the serious athletes who know how to interpret the data to get the very best out of it. If you order now, you get the set in July.