And finally: Nokia is working on its own virtual assistant named Viki

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And finally is the place on the site that's home to all the news blips, rumours and web gossip from the past seven days. In other words, some of it will turn out to be true and others will remain simply gadget hearsay.

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Nokia filed a trademark for the name Viki

And finally: Nokia is working on its own virtual assistant named Viki

And not just any trademark, a trademark application for "software for the creation and monitoring of mobile and web digital assistants working with knowledge and combining all data sources into a single chat and voice based interface."

Ve-ery interesting. Now this virtual voice assistant application was filed in the EU and there's not much more information at this stage. We presume Viki will make her/his/its way to Nokia phones like the Nokia 6 and - come to think of it - perhaps even Withings wearables, health tech and home kit like the new Home Plus security cam.

Samsung says no to home robots

And finally: Nokia is working on its own virtual assistant named Viki

Samsung's been throwing some shade at LG's Hub robot companion this week after some on the web were expecting Samsung robots at CES. A "senior" representative of Samsung Home Electronics apparently said: "The roles of home robots recently introduced by home appliance companies can be realized by adding artificial intelligence (AI) to existing devices such as smartphones, TVs and IoT refrigerators.

It gets better...

"Rather, we believe that health care based on wearable appliances has more future growth potential."

Another Samsung exec echoed this sentiment, pointing to the elderly as a good example of how a big market for health wearables to crack. We're sure they'd like a friendly robot companion too, though.

Fitbit wants Windows Mobile testers

And finally: Nokia is working on its own virtual assistant named Viki

To try out call and message alerts, calendar, third party app alerts and connected GPS in alpha and beta. Fitbit's looking for technically minded users who own a Windows 10 Mobile phone and a Fitbit tracker and want to give feedback to devs.

Oh and you must be a part of the Windows Insider program. The new features will arrive for all Windows 10 users in April. Sign up here if you're interested.

Is the Basis brand dead?

And finally: Nokia is working on its own virtual assistant named Viki

Quite possibly. After the Peak overheating debacle last year, it's no surprise that Intel has probably gone and killed the brand, if not the technology.

Intel's VP for wearables, Dr. Jerry Bautista didn't confirm the end of Basis but he did say it will be focusing on partnerships with "iconic brands" like Tag and New Balance and that these wearables are a "very good example of our strategy".

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