Nadi X smart yoga pants will now correct form for men too

New collection includes same connected features
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Wearable X, the fashion tech startup based out of Sydney, is back launching smart yoga pants. Only this time it's making them for male yoga fans.

The new Nadi X Yoga Pants have hit Kickstarter hoping to raise around to launch the new smart garment with a super early bird offer that will bag you a pair for $229, with shipping marked for December 2018.

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The new collection works in a similar fashion to the first housing accelerometer and haptic sensors that provide gentle pulses at the hips, knees and ankles to encourage you to move and hold yoga positions correctly. Essentially it's like a yoga instructor in a pair of yoga pants.

What's new here is that Co­-founder and CEO of Wearable Experiments, Billie Whitehouse and her team are introducing a men's range, which includes half X, open knee and stripe options with sizes from XS (27-29-inch waist) up to large (36-39-inch waist). The pants will apparently offer level 1 compression and should be handwashed or tumbledried when you've finished your sweaty workout.

The tights sync up to the companion iOS app, to help monitor form and alignment based on a range of user movement. Other features of the app include recommended poses to help improve form and flow. It'll also let you share your stats with others.

We tried out the first version of the Nadi X pants back in February and it was a a positive experience on the whole. They remain one of the few smart clothing concepts that have actually impressed us when it's come to testing.

There's still a fair amount of time to run on the campaign, but we wouldn't be at all surprised if the new collection manages to reach its goal before the campaign closes. There's definitely a few yoga fans in the Wareable office that would be intrigued to see how well they work for men.

Nadi X smart yoga pants will now correct form for men too

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