Mangos smart ring wants to keep you safe

The panic button wearables keep on coming...
Mangos smart ring will keep you safe
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Personal safety is becoming a bit of a trend for wearable tech at the moment. The Mangos smart ring is the latest to throw its hat into the ring in the bid to help make it easier for women to raise the alarm if they feel in danger.

Mangos works in a similar fashion to the Nimb smart ring we wrote about recently, with the ring face doubling as a button that users press when they're feeling threatened.

With a vibrating buzz to tell your phone that the ring has been activated, it'll send a customised SOS message via text to friends with a link to a map of your location allowing them to respond or to dial for help.

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The three second activation should ensure you don't send an alert by accident, but if that does happen, you can cancel the alert from within the companion app within 30 seconds.

Where Mangos differs from Nimb and other panic alarm packing smart jewellery is the form factor. Despite hosting a tiny computer and Bluetooth module to communicate with your phone, the ring's face has roughly the same radius of a dime.

The band has also been designed to include every ring size letting you can find the perfect fit. It's also water resistant so it should be suitable for washing the dishes or walking in the rain.

In terms of battery life, the low-powered smart ring will work for four hundred activations before the battery runs out and remains switched off when it's not in use.

Mangos is heading to Kickstarter on 21 June where it hopes to raise $30,000 to make the first run of production possible. A $65 pledge will get you one but we don't have details yet of when it plans to ship if it hits that target.

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