These smart sunglasses give you hands-free access to ChatGPT from anywhere

Lucyd's smart eyewear is available in 15 styles and starts at $199
Innovative Eyewear Lucyd Lyte 2.0 sunglasses
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The world's first ChatGPT-enabled smart sunglasses have arrived, with Innovative Eyewear's Lucyd announcing the launch of 15 styles of its voice-controlled shades. 

The company's Lucyd Lyte 2.0 sunglasses offer hands-free and voice-controlled access to the AI chatbot, with the experience powered by the company's new Lucyd app. 

Either Siri or Google Assistant acts as the go-between to access ChatGPT, with wearers asking either of these smart assistants to "Use Lucyd" before asking the chatbot queries. 

Once this is complete, the app will then deliver a response through the Lucyd eyewear's built-in speakers. 

Interestingly, the app can also be used to run ChatGPT through plenty of other hearables, too, meaning it can act as a hands-free solution to receiving responses through your Apple AirPods, for example. 

Prescription or regular lenses are available for each of the 15 styles of sunglasses available through Lucyd's website, with each design featuring quadrasonic speakers, open-ear audio, polarized UV 400 lenses, and 12-hour battery life. Prices range from $199 - £229.

As we've seen, Innovative Eyewear is far from the only wearable embracing the AI chatbot hype over the past few months. 

Smartglasses giant Vuzix recently told Wareable about how AI bots could be integrated into its Ultralite platform, while we've also recently tested a ChatGPT app for the Apple Watch and an equivalent for Wear OS

This latest release shows that the chatbot revolution is in full swing, but it's also important to keep in mind we're still in the very early days of hands-free support. Expect more innovations like Lucyd's to emerge over the coming year.

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