Evolve Mvmt is an ankle wearable that measures the quality of your steps

CES 2024: Tracker promises to optimize your walking form
Evolve Mvmt Evolve Mvmt ankle wearable
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The CES show floor is always chock-full of weird and wonderful wearables - and this year we've spotted the Evolve Mvmt, an ankle wearable that aims to correct walking form and register the quality of your steps.

Unlike the typical fitness tracker that aims to simply log the correct number of steps you take in a day, this wearable instead wants to take things a bit deeper.

It does still track the number of steps you take, but it's how you take those steps that it's really concerned with. 

Developed by Australian physiotherapist Luke Pickett, and backed up by 15 years of research and development, Evolve Mvmt teaches users to enhance their walking technique so that force transmitted through joints is minimized - all while promoting a technique that's more efficient at burning calories and activating muscles.

Evolve MvmtEvolve Mvmt app

The device helps deliver complete gait analysis, beginning with a short walking test to help users identify their walking patterns.

From there, a baseline score of between 1-10 is given, and users receive individual guidance to improve it through daily or weekly walks. 

The Evolve Mvmt companion app hosts all the data logged by the ankle wearable, allowing users to view both real-time stats and analyze the quality of each step in the post-walk phase. 

In a way, the experience on offer reminds us quite a bit of posture-correcting wearables like the Upright Go S - it's a simple but innovative gadget that can dive deep into a fringe health issue many of us overlook.

The wearable is now on sale for $499 from the Evolve Mvmt website, and it's one we look forward to testing and watching develop over the coming years. 

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