Celebrity wearables: who's wearing what?

Wearable tech has found its way onto these famous wrists
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Over the last few years, celebrities have done their fair bit - intentional or not - to help push wearables into the mainstream. Tech companies love nothing more than getting some devastatingly attractive trendsetter to flaunt their goods, especially if they don't even have to pay them to do so.

We originally ran this article over a year ago, but as we've noticed more and more famous folks jumping aboard the wearable tech train, be it for fitness or style purposes, we thought we'd throw in a few more faces. So who's wearing what? Read on and find out.

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Kevin Spacey - Fitbit Blaze


We always knew Spacey was a Fitbit Blaze man. He's been spotted out and about with the watch style tracker, such in the pic above which he recently posted to Instagram.

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Stephen Fry - Apple Watch


Last time we checked in with what Stephen Fry was wearing, it was the original cherry red Pebble. Since then he's moved onto the Apple Watch, and may be the only person we've seen in the last year pairing it with a lime green band. Each to their own…

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Zendaya & Martha Hunt

OK, OK so they're being paid to stay in Michael Kors' video for his new Access range. But Disney star/Project Runway judge Zendaya and Victoria's Secret model Martha Hunt look like they're having a blast and will probably continue to sport the Bradshaw connected accessories as part of some kind of deal.

Andy Murray - Polar FT60


Ambassador for the Wearable Technology UX developer conference, mastermind of his own tennis swing analyser product and one of the top 50 wearable influencers of 2015, it's of little surprise that the Great British Wimbledon champ sports a sports watch all of his own - and with a chest strap too. It's not easy to work out which Polar timepiece he's got pulling in his data but it's pretty clear that it's one without an optical heart rate monitor built in. Our best guess would be an FT60.

Mila Kunis - Apple Watch


Unlike some celebs who were wearing Apple Watches in the early days of the wearable - Kanye, Beyonce, we're looking at you - cool cat Mila Kunis has been seen out with an Apple Watch, working the stainless steel/white strap combo. Probably much to the disapproval of husband Asthton Kutcher, who's for a while been the public face of Lenovo for some time now.

Stephen Colbert - Apple Watch


Also making the switch from Pebble to Apple, like Mr Fry, is TV host and political satirist Stephen Colbert. Although these days he's going for a black watch and band combo which he wears on the show, which we much prefer to Fry's silver-and-lime look.

Barack Obama – Fitbit Surge


We know that Obama is a big fan of the Game Golf when he's out on the green, but otherwise you'll probably see him sporting a Fitbit Surge on his wrist. Before the launch of the Apple Watch the US President said he was interested in testing one out, but it looks like he went the Fitbit route instead.

Probably for the best - Obama's not allowed to use an iPhone for security reasons. Imagine the disappointment when he discovered the Apple Watch doesn't work with his BlackBerry…

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Steve Way - Garmin Forerunner 920XT


English Commonwealth Games Marathon runner Steve Way wasn't always an athlete. In fact, back in 2007, before he took up the sport, he was addicted to chocolate, smoked 20 a day and weighed over 100kg. Since kicking the habits, he's run four London Marathons in under 2:20 and won the British 100km Championship in a record time of 6:19:20. Pretty good for a 40-year-old. And which device helps him do it? A Garmin Forerunner 920XT. Nice choice.

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Adrien Grenier - Misfit Shine


Papped at a party in 2014, Adrien Grenier, from HBO series Entourage, was spotted rocking the Misfit Shine as his activity tracker of choice. We expect he's moved onto the Shine 2 by now or something else entirely. Grenier, if you're reading this, get in touch.

Joe Manganiello - MB Chronowing


When we first ran this article, Joe Manganiello was featured rocking the Moto 360, but he's found a new love with the MB Chronowing. Ok, so he may have been given a free one in return for turning up to the launch party, but either way we expect the Moto has since been retired to a draw. Clearly the flat tire was just too annoying."And who's Joe Manganiello?" You ask. You may remember Joe from such classics as Pee Wee's Big Holiday and Smurfs: The Lost Village. He was also the bully Flash Thompson in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man. Fact.

Britney Spears – Garmin Vivofit


Something of a serial wearablist, Britney Spears was first spotted with this Fitbit Flex. However, word has it that she's switched to a Garmin Vivofit. Total shocker, we know.

Richard Branson - Garmin Forerunner 735XT


The last time we saw what Branson was wearing it was the Garmin Vivofit, but the Virgin Group founder has upgraded to something more serious. That's certainly a Garmin Forerunner on his wrist - the 735XT, we reckon. If anyone is any wiser, let us know. Branson's often spotted running, cycling, swimming or even hitting the tennis court, so it's no wonder he's updated to something a bit more feature-fitted.

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Alexander Stubb - Suunto Ambit3


Another man who runs a pretty mean time over a 26 miles is former Prime Minister of Finland Alexander Stubb. And when he's not tacking on a 112-mile bike ride and a 2.4-mile swim to complete an Iron Man in under 10 hours, he manages to find some time to run one of Europe's bigger economies too. Naturally, a supporter of local produce, his watch of choice is a Suunto. At last sighting, it's a Suunto Ambit3 Peak Sapphire edition. Prime ministerial.

Victoria Pendleton - TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS


What's Victoria Pendleton doing now that she's retired from track cycling? Running and swimming too, it seems, and a little modelling on the side, and when she's doing any of these, it's the TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS that she likes to have on. She's definitely gone for the right colour choice with the red and white version and it's good to see another celeb here trusting in an optical heart rate monitor - especially one we liked as much as this.

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