​Andy Murray to mastermind sports wearables

British tennis ace joins up with London based equity crowdfunder Seedrs
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Andy Murray, the tennis bloke, has joined forces with Seedrs, the London-based equity crowdfunding platform, to advise the firm "with respect to businesses working in the health, sport and wearable technology spaces."

The Scottish racket-master will be on hand to give his expert opinion and will also be investing some of his court-earned cash into startup's that tickle his fancy.

"I've always been interested in investment, and being able to get involved in an innovative way to help support British startups really appealed to me," said Murray.

"Equally as important was working with people I trusted and who fully understood the huge responsibility of handling people's money. I'm looking forward to working with Seedrs and the entrepreneurs of tomorrow."

Last year we told you how Andy Murray was gearing up for a life as a wearable technology entrepreneur, and was actively talking to companies about the possibilities of masterminding his own device. The tennis ace had been dropping clues in a number of recent interviews, going so far as to confirm that he's looking for a partner.

Speaking to Life and Times , Murray revealed that he's set up a number of companies that he can control once his playing days are over, and that wearable technology is at the forefront of his attention.

“I'm interested in the role technology plays in sports, especially wearable technology and we are talking to a few companies in this space," he said.

Murray was also a surprising ambassador for the Wearable Technology UX, a developer conference in London that took place in London. In a guest editorial for the organisers, Murray talked about how he'd love to start developing sports tech wearables.

“All of a sudden it's possible to get 3D displays of swing patterns with wearables," he said.

“I love the possibilities. It's easy to get frustrated that the ideal answers aren't there just now. I actually think we're very nearly there, and I'd love to help develop that with people who see it the same way."

With Murray's experience as an athlete, his insight into the benefits of sports wearables are unique, and it would be amazing to see that realised through his own device.


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