And finally: Android VR headset going live and more

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We're looking forward to an exciting week with I/O kicking off over in San Francisco on Wednesday. We're expecting big things from Google, and we're not just talking about Android Wear smartwatches.

Read on for some juicy info on a huge reveal that's likely, while at the same time catching up with the news blips and murmurs of the past seven days...

Android VR to be launched

And finally: Android VR headset going live and more

Android VR is coming. You better believe it. Android Police discovered that the Google Play Developer Console is showing Android VR alongside Android Wear, Android TV, and Android Auto. It's even got its own icon.

There's mixed reports as to what Android VR will actually entail - but the more popular opinion is that a standalone VR headset (i.e. not a smartphone powered one like the Gear VR) will be announced at Google I/O later this week.

That would see it take on the likes of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive for the title of best VR headset. Roll on Wednesday...

Apple Watch has healthy goals

And finally: Android VR headset going live and more

The real reason the Apple Watch exists, according to this Time report at least, is research into health.

"I believe Apple is on a mission to improve the overall health of its customers as well as that of the healthcare system, a task Jobs gave them before he died," writes Tim Bajarin. "And while Apple's products define Jobs' legacy, it may turn out that his and Apple's greatest contribution may be to bring greater order to the fragmented healthcare world.

"It became clear to them that they would need some type of mobile device platform to do this. They concluded that a standard fitness tracker couldn't do the types of things Jobs and current Apple executives really wanted to see. That's how the Apple Watch came about"

Microsoft makes Band more fun

The new Microsoft Band already boasts a tonne of features and sports features but this game mash-up, currently avaiable to devs in beta mode, adds a touch of fun.

We're not sure that fitness trackers need games but it shows what is possible with the sensors and software.

Parrot smart T-shirt flying in

And finally: Android VR headset going live and more

Parrot, the consumer drone specialist, has a new idea up its sleeve. An idea up its sleeve with two sleeves, in fact.

CEO Henri Seydoux, speaking at TechCruch Disrupt, said: "I am working on a T-shirt. I've been working on it for two years. "

"You start to do things for consumers because it's easy," he explained. "With this you can exist. [And then] you have the possibility to divert yourself into very difficult areas."

Smart clothing is really taking off. Taking off. Parrot. Drones. Get it?

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