And finally: The biggest wearable rumours of 2014

A look back at the murmurs and whispers that had the web all worked up
The biggest wearable rumours of 2014

Every week in our regular And finally feature we look back on the last seven days, picking out our favourite wearable rumours and news blips that didn't quite make the site.

But, with 2014 coming to a close (and not a great deal happening this week, let's be honest) we thought it'd be a good idea to look back at some of the year's juiciest rumours and, more specifically, the juicy rumours that proved to be nothing more than internet hot-air.

Here's our pick of the wearable rumours that failed to materialise...

The Nike-powered Apple iWatch

When Nike began winding down its Fuelband operation earlier this year and several key employees took up roles in Cupertino, it fuelled speculation that the much-rumoured Apple iWatch would be a smartband-style collaboration between the two huge US companies - after all, they have plenty of history with the original Nike+ sensor launching with iPod compatibility back in 2006.

However, when the Apple Watch was made official back in September, the sports company's name wasn’t mentioned at all, seemingly putting an end to the murmurs.

However, maybe the reports of an Apple Fuelband-esque fitness band weren’t too wide of the mark after all. In October, Nike boss Mark Parker said that the sports giant will be jumping back into the world of wearable tech through a partnership with Apple. “As I look ahead to what’s possible between Nike and Apple, two amazing brands, technologically we can do things together that we couldn’t do independently," he explained.

The Microsoft Xbox fitness band

The Microsoft Band arrived in a whirlwind of rumour mongering and misinformation. According to reports in October, Microsoft was planning on launching its very own smartwatch in time for Christmas. Nobody was expecting a fitness band though, and nobody was expecting anything to launch before October was even finished. But that's exactly what's happened as the Redmond company unveiled the Microsoft Band – its entrant to the activity tracker market to take on the likes of the Fitbit Charge.

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After the Band went on sale, stories emerged that the tech goliath could be preparing the launch of an Xbox One wearable as well. However, we've since learned that purported device is actually a non-runner with the Microsoft Band, in fact, being the device in question. How disappointing.

HTC’s supposed smartwatch

HTC has been a prolific player in the wearable rumour mill in 2014. The smartphone specialist was rumoured to be working on a smartwatch for release before the year was up, before counter rumours circulated that it had canned the project altogether.

In October, HTC confirmed it was working on wearable devices but was holding back until it got things right. “We had originally planned to have a wearable launch in this time frame,” HTC Americas head Jason Mackenzie explained. “It ended up just not being ready.”

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It's now expected that HTC will show off a device in Vegas at CES 2015 - although we're told to expect a wearable that's not a smartwatch.

Xbox One VR headset to take on Project Morpheus

The chances of a 2014 Xbox One VR headset launch were always a long-shot at best. The latest reports suggest that Microsoft’s Project Morpheus rival could be getting an E3 2015 unveiling though.

“Our Microsoft research team has been playing with virtual reality for quite a while, and while we don't have anything to officially announce, it's clearly an area people are excited about," said Xbox boss Phil Spencer earlier this year. "The potential is definitely there.”

Samsung Galaxy Glass no-show

Samsung planned to reveal Galaxy Glass smart glasses at IFA in September, according to a Korea Times report back in January. Sammy registered a patent for the clever specs in October 2013.

“This design is of a type [of glasses] with earphones integrated, allowing [users] to take phone calls and listen to music during workouts,” the patent filing revealed.

Of course, the only headgear that Samsung did show off in Berlin was the Gear VR headset.

Nokia wearable a non-runner

Rumours about a Nokia smartwatch began in 2013, just before Microsoft bought out the company. And while the supposed Nokia wearable was supposed to be coming from a division not included in the mammoth acquisition, we've still yet to see anything materialise.

The supposed Nokia wearable development was said to be led by head of Emerging Devices Axel Meyer, and Peter Skillman and, reports claimed, would feature elements of earlier Nokia prototypes and concepts, like Nokia Kinect and Nokia Morph, and could arrive as a bendable device with a changeable form factor.

Apple’s Oculus Rift rival that never was

An Oculus Rift rival from Apple? That's what this patent seemed to hint at. Here's what Patently Apple had to say:

"Apple has been granted a patent today for their invention relating to a personal display system and more particularly to adjusting media displayed in a personal display system. Using personal display systems, users are not restrained by static displays, such as televisions or desktop computers, and may instead carry their media and view it anywhere. Because of their relative small size, which enhances portability, some personal display systems display media in the configuration in which it is provided by the media source, without any adjustments or modifications."

We're not holding our breath.


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