20 essential wearable tech feeds so you always know what's up

Who (else) to follow for pics, leaks and industry goss
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It's our mission at Wareable to be the authority on wearable technology on the web. Either that or our Twitter bio is telling porkies. But the thing about the internet that makes it so unfuckwithable is that we don't just want to keep you on the site 24/7. There are plenty of other good places for you to get your wearable tech fix on top of your daily/hourly/minutely check-ins with us.

So as well as keeping you up to speed in our daily news stories, The week in wearable tech, Field of view and And finally regulars, we thought we'd share some of our in-the-know social feeds. We've skipped the big tech sites because they go without saying. As for this little lot, follow, subscribe and bookmark away.



Basil at BTEKT makes awesome videos about all kinds of tech and is our video partner for big shows like CES. Subscribe for super slick hands-ons that go live the nanosecond new gadgets are announced.

20 essential wearable tech feeds so you always know what's up

Tom Emrich

Twitter/ Instagram

VC at Super Ventures, founder of We Are Wearables and friend of the site, Tom Emrich, is obsessed with wearable tech, VR and AR. Whether he's posting from his own events like AWE Europe or at big shows, he makes us tired just checking his feeds.

DC Rainmaker


For loooong, in-depth fitness and sports endurance tech and GPS watch reviews, every single software update your device is due and a side of lush travel pics, Paris-based DC Rainmaker is your man.

Kieran Alger


Tweeting and Instagramming as himself and Man V Miles, Kieran Alger is one of our running tech experts on the site. On any given day he is probably running a marathon - or at least a half - somewhere in the world.

MIT Technology Review


First people to try Magic Leap? Check. Digging into health tech in Silicon Valley? Check. Nice, comprehensive interviews and HQ visits.

Road to VR


If we're on it with our virtual reality coverage, Road to VR is ON IT. Once you've made your way through our tightly edited best-of lists for each headsets, mosey on over for more VR games reviews and industry tidbits.

Shen Ye


Expect Vive news and event goss from HTC's London-based Shen Ye, who is a prolific tweeter, plus fun virtual reality chat and opportunities for devs.

Recode Decode


There aren't too many podcasts that give wearable tech, VR, AR and the connected self enough air time. One that's worth subscribing to, though, is Kara Swisher's Recode Decode. It covers tech more broadly but she sits down with some big players. A recent highlight is her chat with AliveCor's CEO Vic Gundotra who also talked us through his new Apple Watch accessory.

20 essential wearable tech feeds so you always know what's up

Amanda Cosco


If there's a fashion tech event happening, Amanda Cosco - a regular contributor to the site - will be there. Her blog Electric Runway has a great fashion tech podcast too that's well worth checking out.

Rachel Arthur


Another authority on fashion tech, Rachel Arthur is a columnist for Forbes, founder of her own site Fashion & Mash and a TEDx speaker plus she was one of the judges at our first Awards.


Twitter/ Instagram/ Blog

Coming at wearable tech from a fashion and fabrics point of view is London-based site FashNerd. Also check out side Instagram account Wearable Tech Stylist for mood boards of wearables with outfits.

FastCo Design


Fast Company's blog covers both hardware and software from a design perspective with interviews and reports from fairs and student shows.

Paul Sonnier


Don't want to miss any details around digital health, the cybersecurity of medical tech and the latest in the benefits of sex robots? Give Paul Sonnier a follow.

20 essential wearable tech feeds so you always know what's up

Lucy Hedges


The Metro's Tech Editor and Wareable Tech Awards presenter, this girl is everywhere, at every big launch that matters and usually demoing the latest kit on stage or on TV.

Evan Blass


Come for the leaks, stay for the leaks. Evan Blass is a mobile tech reporter at VentureBeat but follow him on Twitter too for leaked pics, specs and release dates for devices like HTC's upcoming smartwatch..

A subreddit or two


This one does, of course, depend what you're into. If you're not a Reddit user, don't be scared, just stick to your interests and you'll be rewarded with tips, tricks, news and chat. May we suggest, for starters, r/androidwear; r/fitbit; r/oculus or r/AppleWatch?

Billie Whitehouse

Twitter/ Instagram

Wearable Experiments' CEO is not only posting about her own upcoming products, like the smart Nadi yoga pants, she's also a great source for new ideas in wearable tech and smart clothing.

George Jijiashvili & Ben Wood

Twitter & Twitter

This pair of tech analysts for research firm CCS Insight tend to snap what they see out and about, whether it's just-launched VR kit or shop windows with designer hybrids on show. Plus, of course, their latest predictions.


Twitter, SnapChat

We reckon Snap's Spectacles will more than a passing trend going into 2017 so keep an eye on what people are filming with their hipster smartglasses on Twitter and SnapChat itself.

How we test


Sophie was Wareable's associate editor. She joined the team from Stuff magazine where she was an in-house reviewer. For three and a half years, she tested every smartphone, tablet, and robot vacuum that mattered. 

A fan of thoughtful design, innovative apps, and that Spike Jonze film, she is currently wondering how many fitness tracker reviews it will take to get her fit. Current bet: 19.

Sophie has also written for a host of sites, including Metro, the Evening Standard, the Times, the Telegraph, Little White Lies, the Press Association and the Debrief.

She now works for Wired.

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