Xbox games hitting Microsoft HoloLens

Phil Spencer confirms first party titles already in the making
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Sony may have stolen a march in the VR gaming race by unleashing its new Project Morpheus prototype and announcing a consumer launch date but Microsoft refuses to be left behind.

Phil Spencer, who took over from Don Mattrick as Xbox boss last year, took to the GDC stage on Wednesday and stated "gaming and entertainment is going to be critical" to the HoloLens experience.

"Something that's incredibly exciting at this year's GDC is the advent of VR," he said. "Our goal at Microsoft is to allow people to play games wherever they are."

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Spencer told the Moscone Center audience that first party developers are already working on new gaming experiences to be shown off later this year (possibly at E3) and that the door is open to third parties as well.

In an official statement, Microsoft reiterated its commitment to a "unified vision" for developers across all of its platforms.

"Developers in the Windows ecosystem will be able to create games to reach the masses through a system where they can designate their game's distribution even for future devices – devices like Microsoft HoloLens," read the post on Xbox Wire.

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"While there are going to be many uses and industries that take advantage of Microsoft HoloLens and everything that holographic computing has to offer, gaming is a huge opportunity."

Are we moving closer to a dedicated Xbox One VR headset, or is Microsoft really going to make HoloLens cross-platform? Let us know what you think using the comments below.


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