Apple Watch to dominate smartwatch market in 2015

55% of smartwatch buyers to be slapping on Cupertino wearable this year

Big news - the Apple Watch will be the biggest selling smartwatch of 2015. We know right? What a shocker.

That's the word from Strategy Analytics who've just released a report predicting the Cupertino company's newest device will account for nearly 55% of all smartwatch sales in 2015. It's nothing we haven't heard before.

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However, what is interesting is that the shipment figures Strategy Analytics are forecasting are a lot more conservative than we've heard from analysts before.

Its report predicts 15.4 million Apple Watch shipments for 2015 and a total smartwatch haul of around 28 million.

Back in February CCS Insight forecast that, following the Apple Watch release, it would "account for a quarter of the wearables market in 2015, selling around 20 million by the end of the year."

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However, even 15.4 million is a huge figure. To put it into perspective the biggest selling smartwatch so far, the original Pebble, has sales figures just topping 1 million after being available for more than two years.

Android Wear devices in the wild - including Sony, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Asus - probably total around the 1-1.5 million mark as well now; it was reported that 720,000 were sold in the last six months of 2014.

So even if the Apple Watch only hits half of what the analysts are predicting, it's still looking like blowing its rivals out of the water.

Will you be buying an Apple Watch? If so, tell us your reasons why...


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  • NAS·

    I want to be able to see an alert on my watch and respond to it with voice via Siri. 

  • Extraneus·

    I can't see it happening; smartwatches are too expensive and relatively useless for any normal user, and the Apple Watch is certainly no exception. To be honest, it looks a lot more fiddly than it's competitors and a darn sight uglier as well; even non-questioning die-hard Apple fans ought to take a step back and reconsider.

    Personally, I'd consider the Bragi Dash above any current smartwatch for sheer functionality...

  • dpspender·

    After today we will live in a BAW and AAW world, Pebble has only sold 1m units in two years. Apple Watch will sell that many on the first day. The arguments against amount to, no one needs a smart watch, the functionality is limited, the design is wrong. All these allegations were levelled at iPods, iPhones and iPads. The arguments against fail to address the real world buying habits of the consumer, the Apple Watch is probably the most desirable product they have ever produced, as the owner of several high end mechanical Watches I have absolutely no need for an Apple Watch, but I'll be buying one as soon as they are available. My kids already have their request in for theirs. Just like on 2007 on the eve of the iPhone launch, the world has already moved on but the so called tech experts have missed it.

    • nabeel·

      Fully agreed! 

      I think Apple watch is seductive enough for consumers to buy.

      Alot of us, including myself didnt really like to wear traditional watches but we ll definitely out in 350$ to get our hands on Apple Watch. Smartwatches are more fashionable and customistable and essentially gives me more out of my wardrobe. 

      Its a statement!